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Sunday, 25 February 2024 19:02

[OPINION] Regarding the Abia Power matter - Val. Obienyem

One of the best pieces of news emerging from the East is the imminent commissioning of the geometric power plant, poised to supply nearly half of Abia state with uninterrupted power for 24 hours. In fact, if fairness were to prevail, the entire area should enjoy round-the-clock electricity, with the one meant for the area to be covered by Geometric Power being redirected to other parts of the state.

During the privatization of power distribution, Mr. Peter Obi, then Chairman of the South-East Governors Forum, spearheaded discussions with Geometric Power, culminating in the establishment of a company to bid for privatization. The aim was to empower Geometric to address the power crisis in the region. At that juncture, the project was near completion, and I vividly recall accompanying Mr. Peter Obi on several visits to the project site.

As is often the case in Nigeria, vested interests prevailed over public welfare and optimal solutions. The South-East Governors, in collaboration with Geometric, were sidelined. It was a familiar tale of shortsightedness trumping the greater good.

Since then, Geometric Power has lain dormant. The lethargic governance of Abia State, under Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, failed to take decisive action—though, one might wonder, what could one expect from a governor who, in eight years, couldn't revitalize Aba despite its pivotal role in Abia's fortunes? Such ineptitude amounts to a monumental failure.

While the intricacies behind the scenes remain murky, credit must be given to the current Governor of the State, Dr. Alex Otti, for his undoubted efforts in reigniting the project. It is actions like these that shape our perceptions of leadership and governance.

Hats off to Geometric, hats off to Prof. Bath Nnaji, hats off to the people of Abia State. May the nation one day fully embrace the ingenuity of individuals like Nnaji to tackle its power challenges.

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