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Sunday, 18 February 2024 10:37

[PRESS STATEMENT] Insecurity: Let’s migrate from Constabulary Police to State Police - Okechukwu

As stakeholders in the country seek for a solution to the frightening insecurity in the country, a foundation member of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Osita Okechukwu has advocated the establishment of Constabulary Police Option in line with Sections 105 to 109 of the Nigeria Police Act 2020.

Okechukwu warned that state police could be abused by state governors, the same way they breached other democratic institutions, such as the judiciary, legislature and the local government system.

Speaking to journalists on Sunday on the decision of President Tinubu and State Governors to establish State Police, the immediate past Director General of Voice of Nigeria (VON) opined that it is far better to progressively migrate from Special Constabulary of Nigeria Police Force (NPF) to State Police, to avoid relying on decision taken amidst palpable grief.

He implored all to take time and peruse the NPF Act 2020 so as to examine the pure kernels and appreciate the content relevance of Constabulary Police and the imperative to overhaul the NPF in addressing the same gruesome insecurity we out of grief wittingly or unwittingly assume that State Police is one size which fits all.

Okechukwu pointed out that Special Constabulary is a Silver Bullet which will resolve the intense paradox of public paranoia against the NPF which failed to secure us and our Emperor Governors that have scant regard to the rule of law.

He said, " I agree that there is horrible and terrible grief in the land and that NPF itself needs rejig hence the imperative of urgent solution; however State Police in my considered view is politics of grievance, which outcome maybe be worse than the solution envisaged given the anti-democratic antecedents of the custodians of the sub-national units and poor financial status of some states.

“We all contributed in no small measure in escalating the insecurity and gross inequality in the first place and the solution cannot be carving out Kingdoms for Emperors. In sum, my recommendation is that the establishment of Special Constabulary, in line with Sections 105 to 109 of the Nigeria Police Act 2020; is a better solution and that of using one stone to kill two birds at once.” Okechukwu submitted.

All we need as a matter of urgent national importance at this hectic and trying period is well trained, and well equipped Special Constabulary with sophisticated arsenal to contain kidnappers, terrorists and insurgents, without authoritarian antics. This is especially when they will be recruited from indigenes of the given state in collaboration with the governors, albeit local community based with tiny Federal strings for necessary moderation.

“Whereas, one understood the metastasis of grief, helplessness, despair, despondency, and the sordid scenario of a country overwhelmed by insecurity; it will be less strategic in the midst of confusion to hastily throw away the baby and the bathe water.”

“For when careful consideration gazetted that majority of our dear governors are more or less akin to Emperors, who are constantly in the breach of fine democratic tenets and civil liberties, in addendum have stymied our local councils and have blatantly mangled State Judiciary and State Legislatures into rubber stamps; my dear countrymen, does it in all intents and purposes make altruistic sense to further empower Emperors?” Okechukwu quipped.

He therefore appeals for understanding as progressive migration from Special Constabulary to State Police by then our tempers must have calmed down and we all must have learnt to obey the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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