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Saturday, 01 April 2023 07:09

Nigeria Police have right to arrest without warrant — Spokesperson

The Nigeria Police Force has said that officers reserve the right to arrest without the issuance of arrest warrant, except in some special cases.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Olumiyiwa Adejobi made this known in a video posted on the official Twitter of the force on Saturday, where he differentiate between Invitation and arrest.

“We have two things, we have a call invitation and arrest, It is not all time we arrest, almost times we send people out to go and invite, police on invitation with their ID card will tell you I’m so so person, that we need you in our station to come and clarify issues. It is different from arrest.

“Arrest will not tell you we are for invitation, they will come, while the law says in most cases they should tell you why you are been arrested, but it depends, the man should use his discretion to determine whether the circumstance or ground will allow him to explain issues to you, that this is why you are arrested.

“If the place is not so tensed, the man will tell you that you are been arrested for so so offences, but not in all cases.

“Whether the man explains to you or not, one thing is certain, that police man who has been sent out there has the power to arrest you, and not in all cases that this arrest must have warrant or this officer must poses a warrant of arrest, so far an offence is a felonious offence, a policeman has the powers, authority to arrest you without warrant.

“Except in some cases that the law has described or rather said we should have warrant to arrest, in cases of false assumption of office, abuse of office, bargaining for office in public service, fabricating evidence and the likes,” he explained.



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