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Tuesday, 31 January 2023 16:48

CBN gov. Emefiele an enemy of democracy, must be caged – Fani-Kayode

Godwin Emefiele has once more come under fire from Femi Fani-Kayode, the APC presidential campaign council’s director of new media.

Fani-Kayode referred to the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria as an enemy of democracy in a statement released on Tuesday morning.

According to the former minister, Emefiele has no immediate plans to issue enough new naira notes.

He also asserted that the CBN governor’s actions are intended to deprive Nigerians of money and cause them to become enraged.

“Emefiele has weaponsed the CBN and is an enemy of democracy. The policy of cancelling old notes must be totally canceled until AFTER the election and then done lawfully. He wants to cause a crisis, provoke a people’s uprising, derail our democracy and pave the way for an ING.

“He has NO plans to release enough new naira notes any time soon. He wants to STARVE the people of cash & drive them to rage out of frustration. This is not about politics but about stoking up protest and revolution. This is subversion and destabilisation. He must be stopped and caged!”

Fani-Kayode had on Sunday claimed that there are PDP sympathizers embedded in certain institutions in the Nigerian system fighting for the interest of Atiku Abubakar.

He made the statement in reaction to the extension order issued by the President on old naira notes.

The minister said: “The President has ordered the deadline for the submission of old naira notes to be extended by 2 weeks.

“This will lessen the tension and pain of the people and strengthen the democratic process and the legitimacy of the coming election.

“This proves that Asiwaju’s comments in Abeokuta were appropriate and our collective warnings were taken seriously.
Thankfully we have a listening and receptive President who had the courage to direct the CBN Governor and those that are behind him to do the right thing.

“The APC cannot be divided or defeated by a group of PDP sympathizers embedded in certain institutions in the system fighting for the interest of Atiku and his carpet baggers, crooked business partners and goons.

Like I said before the cat is out of the bag, we know who you are and we will soon publicly expose you and your collaborators by name. Nigeria will never fall back into the clutches of the PDP and Asiwaju will be our next President whether you like it or not. Live with this and know peace.”

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