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Wednesday, 28 February 2024 07:40

Air-Conditioned Luxury Buses With Free Wi-Fi Hit Abuja Roads As Wike Commences Capital Transport Repositioning


With the introduction of 15 air-conditioned 60-seater luxury buses fitted with free wi-fi in Abuja yesterday, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Chief Nyesom Wike has begun a repositioning process for intra-city transport needs of Abuja residents, the Director of FCT’s ‘Transport For Abuja’ project, Dr. Yakubu Terry has said.

Speaking during the inauguration of the initial batch of 15 buses that will ply various parts of the capital city under a public/private partnership (PPP) programme, Dr. Terry stated that under the FCT Minister, renewed hope is manifesting for urban mass transit.

During a brief ceremony at the Eagles Square, both Terry and the FCT’s Mandate Secretary for Transportation, Mr. Uboku Nyah emphasised that with the ‘Transport For All’ (TFA) project, the FCT has commenced a secure, convenient and affordable transportation that is for all Nigerians across various locations in the city.

“Our vision for transport for Abuja is not just about buses and routes, it’s a commitment to building a connected, sustainable, and efficient transportation system that will elevate the quality of life for every resident. We envision a city where commuting is seamless, where people can rely on a modern and reliable transit system, and where transportation becomes a facilitator of progress.

“To turn this vision into reality, ‘Transport for Abuja’ has devised a strategic plan that focuses on key city areas and their environs and by connecting the dots efficiently. We aim to create a web of convenience that thread through the fabric of Abuja; our strategy is not just about the number of buses on the road, it’s about creating a comprehensive and accessible network that serves the diverse needs of our community.

“We will prioritize lucrative routes and leverage technology to optimize routes, reduce wait times, and enhance the overall commuting experience; as we strive for efficiency. A crucial aspect of our strategy is the introduction of cutting-edge digital payment offerings,” he said.

According to Terry, passengers’ convenience is paramount and the introduction of various digital payment methods and user-friendly mobile apps, will ensure that passengers can effortlessly purchase tickets and thereby eliminate the need for physical cash, reduce transaction time and speed up the boarding process with seamless and efficient experience for valued riders.

Aside from the free onboard wi-fi and air-conditioning for passengers, Terry said the buses are equipped with live surveillance features for passenger safety.

According to an official, Mr. Roy Kweku, who conducted government officials, including Zacharia Nyampa and other members of the House of Representatives on a short intra-city tour, the goal of TFA is to use innovative methods and ICT towards transforming urban transportation experience for Nigerians with a vision for more efficient, highly reliable, accessible and secure transportation system that can help towards improving citizens’ lives.

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