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Monday, 04 December 2023 10:41

Anglican Bishop Tells FG To Declare 3-day National Fasting And Prayers For Nigeria

Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Ibadan, Most Rev. Joseph Akinfenwa, has urged Federal Government to declare a three-day prayer and fasting period for God to intervene in the country’s affairs.

Akinfenwa made the call during the Advent Carol of Nine Lessons and Songs held in Ibadan.

The Anglican Bishop said the situation of things in the country, especially the high cost of food items, transportation and accommodation, called for urgent God's intervention.

He stated, however, that the situation was not only common in the country but the world at large.

“But that of our country calls for worry and all of us, not only the government, need to join hands and tackle it.

"This is because we are blessed with enough natural resources and therefore shouldn’t suffer as such.

“Everybody should be involved but the government should do more.

“Those in government can cut their salaries and allowances and use the money to cater for the poor, to show a good example,” the Bishop said.

Akinfenwa also advised all Christian faithful to be focused on the second coming of Christ as all things happening in the world lately showed that the end will come one day.

“To prepare for Christ’s coming, the faithful has to pursue a deeper relationship with God and always put God’s word into practice.”

He urged them to shun the love of money and imbibe the culture of forgiving one another in spite of all odds.

“We shouldn’t love our traditions more than God. Let’s allow the Holy Bible to deal with the problem called the love of money.

“Let’s not be distracted with the happenings of these days and forget that Christ is coming again.

”We should all be on the alert because His second coming is the most significant event this era is waiting for.

“No matter the situation we may find ourselves, let us always find succour in God’s word,” Akinfenwa said.

He added that this season of Advent is that of joy and carols were all about celebrating the works of Christ’s salvation to mankind.

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