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Thursday, 30 November 2023 09:23

Adekunle Gold earns massive backlash over Soundtrack on Hollywood film

Adekunle Gold has faced a barrage of criticism for his involvement in the soundtrack of Hollywood’s film, The Book of Clarence. The movie, directed by Jeymes Samuel and produced by Jay Z, will feature new music from Adekunle Gold, alongside other international artists. Despite sharing the news on his Instagram page, the announcement sparked backlash from netizens who labeled the project as blasphemous.

The criticism targeted Adekunle Gold for his role in the film, with some users expressing their disapproval of using a black man as Jesus in the movie’s portrayal. The backlash also extended to other celebrities such as Pretty Mike and Toyin Lawani, who had previously faced heavy criticism from the Christian community for their actions.

It seems that these recent controversies have reignited a sensitive issue, with some feeling that Christianity is being misrepresented and disrespected in the public eye. Time will tell whether these sentiments will have a lasting impact on the artists involved and their work.

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