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Saturday, 01 October 2022 15:20

[OPINION] The Tears of African Goddess - Samuel Olanrewaju Bill

I tried to hold my tears but I could not! I tried to be strong but became weaker seeing this beautiful black woman grief-stricken and crying bitterly. I was so touched and seriously disturbed. I ran to her with anxiety and I asked her; Mama! Why are you crying?

I have never seen a prettier woman, so beautiful! Despite her age, she looked like a damsel. So beautiful, gorgeous and charming! words failed me to describe how beautiful she was. An epitome of beauty, a pride to other black women, the desire of every king, colorful and wonderfully made! Million questions came to my mind. Why is this beauty queen crying? Why is this black goddess seeding tears? I bowed before her and asked her majesty gently again, Mama! Why are you crying?"

I could not hold my tears when she replied me with soft and angelic voice:

"My son, as you can see, I am a 62 years old woman. I am the most famous black woman on Earth, the most fruitful black woman and  I am so blessed, my house is full of gold and silver likewise my land is flowing for milk and honey. I was once the envy of every black woman. Even the women of other colors once marveled and astonished about my beauty and natural endowment. Some of the most societal, strong and powerful women of today once prayed to be like me. 

"I gave birth to over 200 million princes and princesses who were supposed to reign and enjoy all my riches and wealth in a royal way. But what a pity! Many of these princes and princesses were scattered all over the world searching for greener pastures with royal beads on their necks even as I have many at home. Those at home who are supposed to walk majestically round my palace and enjoy all my riches live in abject poverty just like slaves! Most of them find it so difficult to eat and they lack elements of comfort and convenience,

"Where are my pride, honor, dignity, strength, glory, self-esteem and royalty? most of my children are suffering despite all I have? Other women who used to fear me, appreciate my beauty, tremble because of my strength and potential, who saw me then as a giant now mock and laugh at me! Even those that used to run to me then for help and assistance, they all see me now as nothing, and none one of them accord me my respect again! So why won't I cry?"

"My home was once a safe haven. Thousands ran to my land from far and near to seek refuge but now no one is safe in my home that was once a fortress. Sleeping with two eyes closed now became a taboo. Life is becoming valueless and crime is becoming the order of the day. Why won't I cry?" Tears were rushing down from my face, I was so  depressed and gloomy. I felt the pain of this caring mother as she continued her story: "Most painful is that my children don't see each other as siblings again! The foreign and imported religions tore them apart, tribalism and politics put a sword between them"

"What a pity! Many of my beautiful damsels have turned to a quean, trull and woman of the streets and many of my young men have turned to fraudsters, ritualists, kidnappers and are involved in other forms of immoral acts because of poverty"

I was so sad, in my sober mood I asked her, "Mama, with all your riches and wealth why are you children still suffering like this?" She replied, "Due to the selfishness of some who in the name of power intentionally make others poor in order to continue to manipulate them.  due to the wickedness of few that aim to enslave others in the name of politics. Due to  egotism and self-absorption of few who are in charge of the resources! They are milking others dry while getting fat. They wine and dine all day while others are crying for just water to drink! They are getting richer and wealthier daily at the detriment of others, so depressed, they use religion and ethnicity to divide others to have their way"

I tried to comfort this beautiful Mama, but the more effort I offered, the more she cried. What a mother! The pride of womanhood! She concluded, "I won't stop crying until my children are happy, until I see the end of their suffering, until my children are safe in my land, until I see smiles on their beautiful faces! Until all my children are treated like prince and princess and not like slave again! Until I regain my fading glory, till the world accords me my respect again, until a giant in me rises again, until kidnapping becomes a history. Until everyone can go to bed with two eyes closed, until justice and peace reign"

This is a clarion call to all of us! Together we can make mama smile again. If we work together as one we can redeem the fading glory. Together we can build this nation as we have no other nation to claim.  Christian or Muslim, Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba, whoever you are - we are siblings. PDP, APC, LP and others, let's build this nation together! Both good and bad people could be found in every religion, tribe and political party. Let's join hands together and build a nation where justice and peace reign! 

Happy 62nd Independence to Federal Republic Of Nigeria, Long life 

and prosperity!

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