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Tuesday, 19 September 2023 04:50

[OPINION] Mohbad's Murder: The Structure of Lagos; an aid to Gangsterism - Ajiboye Amos Olakunle

Lagos is  not the capital of the country Nigeria but a state which is also the commercial hub in Africa. Lagos state has demonstrated a bigbrother role to other states by her fortunes and prosperity.
The population of those living in Lagos is about 16 million people which is the highest in the whole of south west region of Nigeria. The strength of the state also lies in the coastal opportunities the state is surrounded with. The revenue of the state speaks loud of the prosperity that resides in the country as a whole.
However, despite the commercial prosperity and progressiveness, the state has been faced with lots of setbacks ranging from gangsterism, hooliganism, thuggery and many more. Well, we'll say these menaces are intentionally established within the structure of the state by the gods otherwise political beasts.
Lagos is a state where 'agberos' are legal and useful to the government. They're more like soldiers who're recruited to enforce chaos and violence on the order of the government officials involved. We saw during the most recent popular protest; Endsars where there were touts unleashed to overturn a peaceful protest into a chaos and chasm.
It's amazing to also know that hoodlums and gangsters are well rewarded based on their performances within the space of their regions. For instance, we've seen likes of MC Oluomo who is a known 'gang-man' enjoying a top lifestyle as rewarded by his political dad. But PHD holders and even senior advocates of Nigeria don't taste a bit of what he enjoys.
Mohbad is a very talented young man who rose from the street of Lagos but unfortunately got into the wrong record label that later shortened his life and career. Mohbad was signed into Marlians music owned by another music artiste called Naira Marley. In 2022, Mohbad had taken to social media to announce to Nigerians that Naira Marley should be held responsible if he dies.
Unfortunately, the singer died this month from an alleged sort of depression and murder. Well, fortunately for him, there are evidences and videos everywhere showing that Naira Marley's associate; Sam Larry has been harassing and beating up the deceased and the deceased even filled a petition against Sam Larry. However, the police did nothing to stop this injustice.
It's very funny and amazing that immediately the singer was murdered, the suspects involved in the case have fled the country to avoid possible prosecutions from the government and the people. The police seem to be asleep and far from life as they're too blind to have a glimpse of evidences flying around. Just to further simplify the case, a member of the Marlian music had testified to the fact that Naira Marley has an involvement in the death of Mohbad.
It should be noted that not getting justice for the deceased would trigger violence and a serious menace that could be worse than Endsars as in the past. The youths have been eager to see the suspects get apprehended for investigation.
Finally, we should all understand that 'Injustice is like a wildfire, if it's not quenched, it'll spread to everyone to burn in it'.
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