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Friday, 29 September 2023 19:49

[OPINION] Mohbad & Misconceptions - Funmi Adewola

Last Sunday, I joined Envoy Nation for the continuation of their anniversary event , and I listened to the message as delivered by Pastor Bakare.
If you have the time, this is the link to the entire message, unedited.

Now, he was recalling the stories of his own salvation, talking about choices we made and the inevitable consequences, except God intervenes and save us from such consequences before destruction strucks.
He mentioned seeing a video about Mohbad, he enquired about the name and he was told it means "I am bad". Then, he said the choices he made in his young life, hanging with gangs, smoking etc has consequences, and sadly, Mohbad became a victim of such consequences.
He gave another example of a man whose nickname was Esu (devil), how the man ran into some troubles, was jailed and after he came out, that man declared to everyone who cared to hear that no one should call him "Esu" again.
It was a home truth to everyone who may have outsource parenting or those who are set on their ways , to be careful of destructions that may be ahead.
He moved on to the other parts of the sermon and service ended
Now, from the beginning, I have opined here that parenting failed Mohbad, infact I posited that Govt failed him too.
I remember Zuwairat Asekome sharing a video of Mohbad with Naira Marley smoking whatever, with gun on the table, just few days ago.
(So, Mohbad was consumed by the choices he made , before he could make a complete turn for the better.)
I said to Zuwairat on that post that justice will only be served if his death serves as a deterrent for others who are already in same situations, hiding from their own shadows.
He was in on everything Marlian until c***sim and Mule lifestyle was brought in, it seems.
Also, from the beginning, Hezekiah Akinrinde also said he will shelf the parental failures for now, while we all wait for the outcome of Police investigations.
So, when I saw PTB trending yesterday, I just smiled and move on to other things.
Those who are blaming his father for this, blaming is mother for that, also joined to trend the deliberate misconceptions , because it is PTB.
There's nothing we can do to bring that young boy back, but it will be akin to injustice if we pretend we don't see the ditch that eventually took him away.
He isn't the only one whose parent got divorced, some are orphans "sef". He isn't the only one who came from nothing, Pastor Bakare also came from abject poverty ( to borrow PTB words), many of us doesn't have things rosy also, so, if we think attacking anyone who nail the truth as they see it, is the way forward, we should think very well, if that's not exactly what the poor dude would have wanted others to learn and make better choices.
That we are making tough choices today, on the part of sanity and not minding the glamour of what looks great but with inherent dangers, is a value we should go back to, as a sane society .
If we don't tread with caution and conscience, you see the army of jobless youths that we have on the streets, who find succour in the likes of Marlian's lifestyle and will drop education for such, should also put in the front burner, the kind of painful living and untimely death Mohbad had.
Painful, but the truth must be said, if we seek to have a peaceful and sane society.
As for those who do cut and join videos, no need to bother anyone who will rather believe them with the truth.
I've had to go watch the entire video again, maybe i miss something, but it is the usual guys at work.
Congratulations to the entire Envoy Nation team for that Summit, it was impactful.

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