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Sunday, 01 October 2023 12:17

Video: Mayor Of Chicago Sends Message To Nigerians On 63rd Independence Day

The Mayor of Chicago, Brandon Johnson, has sent a congratulatory message to Nigerians as the country celebrates its 63rd Independence Anniversary.

Naija News reports that today, October 1, marks another historic milestone since Nigeria got her independence in 1960.

Sending love from the City of Chicago, Mayor Johnson, urged Nigerians not to forget those who fought for the independence and contributed to its accomplishment.

The Mayor of Chicago’s Independence Day message to Nigeria reads: “Hello everyone, it’s Brandon Johnson, Mayor of the greatest city in the world, the City of Chicago.

“It is truly my honour to wish you all a Happy Independence Day.

“October 1st, 1960, marks a significant and cherished milestone in Nigeria’s history. Since gaining Independence, Nigeria has continuously demonstrated strength, resilience and an incredible spirit.

“Let us remember those who have paved the way for Nigeria’s independence as we celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of Nigerians right here in the City of Chicago and across the globe.

“I hope that you will celebrate Independence Day with your family, gatherings of festivities, of course, wearing your green and white with pride.

“So, on behalf of Chicago, I am wishing you a Happy Independence Day, Nigeria.

“Have a great evening, everyone, Thank you.”


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