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Wednesday, 30 November 2022 12:53

‘There’re only two tribes in Nigeria’ - Peter Okoye

Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye, professionally known as Psquare, has revealed that Nigeria consists of two tribes.

On Tuesday, Peter claimed on his Twitter page that Nigeria currently has two tribes: rich and poor. 

According to him, the number of the poor is overwhelmingly higher than the number of the rich. 

He stated that the poor have rejected banding together to fight for their liberation, which is why the rich have been able to accomplish their achievement. 

He urged Nigerians, especially those who were eligible to vote, to exercise sound judgment when casting their ballots in the next general elections.

He wrote, “We only have two tribes in Nigeria, THE POOR and THE RICH. 

“The poor are higher in number, while the rich are fewer.
“But the rich managed to keep the poor in perpetual slavery because the poor have refused to unite and fight for their freedom. 2023 election Vote Wisely #ObiDatti023.”

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