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Friday, 29 September 2023 22:05

[PRESS RELEASE] Asaba Memorial Committee

Dear All,

October 4th -7th 1967 Asaba Massacre — This Years Memorial Reflections
The Committee of the Asaba Massacre Memorial wishes to convey its appreciation for all past labours from our illustrious Sons, Daughters, well wishers and several Nigerians who in different ways have contributed to our memorial efforts to keep this sad incident alive in the mind of our Country.

Given the tumultuous nature of what the Country has just gone through in her governance process we have decided that this years memorial should be meditative and in this regard we respectfully suggest that the following steps should please be taken during the period for this year's memorial: 1) We appeal that all of us should please observe a one "Minute Silence" on Saturday 7th October 12 noon 2) That in the same spirit we implore our esteemed Representatives in both the State House of Assembly — Hon Bridget Anyafulu — and in the House of Representatives Hon (Ogbueshi) Ngozi Okolic to please urge their various Houses to observe a one minute silence on the Ch of October at anytime convenient to the House in memory of our fallen heroes who died for the Cause of "One Nigeria". We consider this the least we should ask for on this occasion from patriotic Nigerians. 3) We urge you all to please book a Mass in their memory on the 8th of Oct ( for Cathoilics ) and for other Christians to please ask their various churches to pray for them specially on the 8th of October during the Sunday Service.

It is said that charity begins from home. In this way we can all participate in doing something to keep the flame of remembrance alive and robust. There is always something each of us can contribute and this invitation calls upon us to step up and do the needful. The Soul of a people is best demonstrated by what they choose to remember and memorialize. 


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