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Thursday, 23 March 2023 08:58

[PRESS RELEASE] Abia League of Professionals Initiative (ALPI) congratulates Abia State governor-elect Dr. Alex Otti

The Abia League of Professionals Initiative (ALPI), hereby congratulates the governor-elect of Abia State, Dr Alex Otti, on his well deserved victory at the polls, as announced today by INEC. We salute the Professor Nnenna Oti- led INEC team for her moral courage, in sticking to doing what is right, by refusing to be swayed by any political pressure. 
We wish to now, call upon all the other contestants in the highly competitive race, to kindly reach out and congratulate Dr Otti; on his emergence in a free and fair contest. Whilst, we equally call on the governor-elect to show magnanimity in victory. 
Dr Otti’s first victory speech today, covered most pressing areas of human development, that need to be urgently addressed, as he hits the ground running. 
As a thorough bred professional, we expect, the governor-elect, to begin to enthrone good governance in the leadership of the state. 
Please permit us to paraphrase President John Kennedy, we urge all well meaning Abians, to: ‘Ask not what Alex Otti can do for you, ask, instead what you can together do with Alex Otti, to uplift Abia State from the maelstrom, of economic and socio- political decadence that has plagued the state in the past 2 decades of the fourth Republic. 
The job of building a new Abia State and it’s Renaissance has just begun. It calls for sacrifices and labor of love. 
Once again, congratulations, our dear governor- elect, Dr Alex Otti.
With best wishes, 
Sonny Iroche
For & on behalf of the Abia League of Professionals Initiative 
March 22, 2023

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