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Thursday, 01 June 2023 10:14

NMA president calls for increase in workers’ salaries to cushion removal of fuel subsidy

The President of the Nigerian Medical Association {NMA} Dr Uche Ojinmah, on Wednesday, described the removal of petrol subsidy as a good policy but called on the government to increase the salaries of workers so as to cushion the effect of the new policy.

Dr Ojinmah was reacting to the new price regime for petrol.


He said: “I personally believe that it is a good policy to remove the subsidy if for nothing, just to save Nigerians from that questionable gargantuan budgetary expenditure.

“I actually supported the removal of petrol subsidy by President Goodluck Jonathan and was sad when he did a somersault because I knew that it was just a postponement of the evil day which has come 11 years later.


“I may not agree with the bombshell pattern of this withdrawal but let’s just move on. We also believe that our governments will not wait for workers to start agitating for salary increment as part of the cushion but will do the right thing by increasing workers’ salary by about 200 per cent.’’


“If you check the fuel pump price increase announced by the NNPCL, you will notice that it’s about a 200 per cent rise and the same should be applied to the salary of workers. If the government raised the salary quickly without stressing the workers and their unions, it will be better for all, but if agitations start, this country may be paralysed.’’

The NMA President also called for other measures, including food price control to give Nigerians a cushion from the harsh realities of the effects of the market-driven petrol pump price.


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