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The judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District, Jeffrey Gilbert, on Tuesday, disclosed reasons he ordered Chicago State University to release President Bola Tinubu academic certificates to Nigerian opposition leader, Atiku Abubakar.

The judge said the need to confirm the genuineness or otherwise of the certificate Tinubu submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission outweighed Tinubu’s personal concerns over its consequences.

Atiku Abubakar of the People Democratic Party (PDP) had sought a subpoena to obtain Tinubu’s academic records following several inconsistencies that characterised the submissions Tinubu certified under oath to the Nigerian electoral office.

Tinubu had fought to have his records blocked and inaccessible to Atiku, who argued he applied for the subpoena directing discovery of his credentials from Chicago State University (CSU) in order to seek Tinubu’s nullification at Nigeria’s Supreme Court.

Tinubu said granting his opponent access to his records would infringe on his privacy rights under Family Educational and Privacy Rights Act (FERPA), a U.S. law that protects academic records of students.

But Judge Gilbert, in his ruling on September 19, said that Tinubu weakened his education privacy rights when he submitted a contentious certificate to run for office in 2022.

He also added that the opposition candidate’s election petition, in which the records he sought would be used, far outweighed Tinubu’s privacy interest, because he himself exposed his records to public scrutiny by submitting a controversial diploma to INEC, knowing the political stakes of other contenders.

Gilbert said FERPA permitted records disclosure “if it is necessary to comply with a lawfully issued subpoena or judicial order.”

“Here, the court finds that applicant’s interest in obtaining Intervenor’s records from CSU outweighs intervenor’s privacy rights because intervenor put his diploma at issue by submitting it to the INEC.”

“There is, however, a ‘significantly heavier burden’ on the party requesting educational records to show that the interest in obtaining the records outweighs the privacy interest of the student,” the court ruled.

The judge said Abubakar satisfied the burden and met the criteria for Section 1782, the statute that allows the U.S. to turn over records “for use in a proceeding before a foreign tribunal.”

Gilbert ordered CSU to provide the former vice-president with all the requested records within two days.

“For all of the reasons discussed above, Atiku Abubakar’s application pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1782 for an order directing discovery from Chicago State University for use in a foreign proceeding [ECF No. 1] is granted,” Mr Gilbert ruled. “Respondent CSU shall produce all relevant and non-privileged documents in response to requests for production Nos. 1 through 4 (as narrowed by the court) in applicant subpoena within two days of the entry of this memorandum opinion and order.”

Thought leader Kel Armstrong Amobi, popularly known as KAA on social media, has exposed the inner workings of witch doctors who demand human sacrifices from internet fraudsters (‘Yahoo’ boys/girls) seeking power and riches.

He stressed that human sacrifices are not for any god to make people wealthy, but purely human organ-harvesting ventures.

He also stressed that many witch doctors are becoming rich not because of the money Yahoo people and the like pay them, but because of the sales of human organs.

“You believe that once you take a member of your family, friend, or an unsuspecting stranger to a witch doctor, he will sacrifice the person and the gods will go to the Central Bank of Nigeria and start printing money for you with unique serial numbers and the CBN governor’s signature on them?” he asked.

KAA revealed that most Yahoo people either do not know that they are enabling black-market, human-organ trafficking or are aware but will not tell the truth.

He explained that the vital organs of those they kill are usually missing not because the gods like such organs, but because the witch doctors sell the organs to the highest bidders in the black market.

KAA noted that either the perpetrators of this crime are taught how to harvest human organs or how to defraud people.

He stated that the money-ritual scenes many Nigerians watch in Nollywood movies do not apply to real-life situations

Edo Governor Godwin Obaseki has allocated the office of his Deputy, Comrade Philip Shaibu, in Government House, Benin to Alaghodaro as  secretariat. 

This is contrary to Obaseki’s claim of renovating the one-storey building.

Alaghodaro, a Benin catch phrase meaning progress or moving forward, is an annual investment drive by Edo State Government, which is Obaseki’s initiative.  


In a leaked memo on Thursday dated September 18, 2023, Edo Governor asked the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Osarodion Ogie, to “immediately” allocate the deputy governor’s office building to the trustees of Alaghodaro summit as their  Secretariat.  

The chairman of Alaghodaro, through its secretary, had written to Obaseki for a permanent secretariat building to aid planning and logistics for the 2023 summit holding in the second week of November. 




According to Edo Governor ‘s leaked memo, the office space closest to the venue of the summit, the New Festival Hall of Government House, which until few days ago, was occupied by Shaibu, should be allocated to the board of trustees of the Alaghodaro summit, expected to attract potential investors from different parts of Nigeria. 


 Shaibu was pushed out of Government House, and allocated new office at No. 7, Dennis Osadebey Avenue, GRA, Benin with a bold inscription “Office of the Deputy Governor, No. 7, Dennis Osadebey Avenue, GRA, Benin City,” at a location not far from the Government House.


Conspicuously at the entrance of the one-storey building is an unveiled inauguration plaque,with this inscription: “Edo State Public Procurement Agency – This building was commissioned by His Excellency, The Comrade Governor, Adams Aliu Oshiomhole, MNI, OON, Edo State Governor, on Tuesday, 16th December, 2014.”

Shaibu’s aides and civil servants attached to his office moved two weeks ago in line with the directive of Edo Head of Service, Anthony Okungbowa.


On September 5, Shaibu withdrew his anti-impeachment suit with reference number: FHC/ABJ/CS/1027/2023 but remains determined to succeed Obaseki on November 12, 2024. 



India has suspended visa services for Canadian citizens, the country’s visa service provider, BLS International, said on Thursday on its website.

The company cited a notice from the Indian mission.

The announcement came amid a diplomatic tussle between the two countries, where Ottawa accused New Delhi of involvement in the killing of a Sikh leader in Canada. 


In a bid to prevent the looming indefinite strike, minister of labour and employment, Simon Lalong, has expressed optimism that the issues at stake would be resolved following a crucial meeting with Vice President Kasshim Shettima.

Speaking to State House correspondents after the meeting yesterday, Lalong emphasised the government’s commitment to the welfare and prosperity of Nigerian workers.

He stated, “We have fully spent time with the Nigerian labour, and the posture of the president too is towards the welfare and prosperity for workers. We have no doubt.”

When questioned about the strike threat by the labour unions, Lalong remained reassuring, saying, “Don’t worry about that. That’s why I said it’s a friendly engagement we are doing with them. We don’t have any fears about some of the things they put forward and also the suggestions and the package of the federal government.”

On his part, the secretary to the government of the federation (SGF), George Akume, expressed confidence that labour leaders are committed to the nation’s welfare and are unlikely to resort to a strike action.

Akume emphasised the government’s determination to improve the standard of living for all Nigerians and create prosperity.

He stated, “Labour leaders are very patriotic Nigerians, and we want to believe correctly that nobody will want to cause a strike. It’s not in the interest of the workers; it’s not in the interest of anybody.”

Akume highlighted the government’s ongoing efforts to address the nation’s challenges.

He pointed out that the current government came into power on May 29th and has a tenure of four years, indicating that substantial changes cannot be expected overnight.

The People’s Democratic Party presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, has asked the Supreme Court to hold that the judgment of the Presidential Election Petitions Court dismissing his petition against the election of President Bola Tinubu was allegedly coated with disparaging words and bias against his person.

Atiku said expressions against his petition, such as “clever by half,” amount to a violation of his right to a fair hearing and a grave miscarriage of justice.

The five-man panel of the PEPC led by Justice Haruna Tsammani had, in a unanimous decision about 15 days ago, faulted Atiku’s legal team for failing to provide credible evidence showing that he won the February 25 presidential election with a majority of lawful votes cast.

But Atiku’s legal team, led by Chris Uche, SAN, filed 35 grounds of appeal at the Supreme Court.

In his 34th ground of appeal, Uche contended that the choice of words and expressions by the lower court shows the lower court’s contempt and disdain for the appellants.

Uche maintained that the lower court failed to use civil, modest, moderate, and temperate language that is befitting of the exalted position of the court in line with the Revised Code for Judicial Officers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, promulgated by the National Judicial Council.

He argued that coming to court was Atiku’s right, and the PEPC was not expected to make light of it through disparaging words.

He called for the setting aside of the PEPC judgement on the grounds of bias, among other reasons.

“While discountenancing the arguments and contentions of the Appellants, the lower Court in the Court’s judgment used expressions such as ‘ludicrous’ (page 721 of the judgment), ‘clever by half’ (page 557 of the judgment), ‘dishonourable practice’ (page 507 of the judgment), ‘smuggle’ (page 557), ‘fallacious’ (page 721 of the judgment); ‘foul play’ (page 560 of the judgment),’cross the line of misconception’ (page 644 of the judgment); ‘collect evidence from the market (page 765 of the judgment); those who are not used to reading preambles’ (page 726 of the judgment);”hollowness in the argument of the Petitioners” (page 727 of the judgment); etc.

“The use of the said words and expressions substantially affected the lower court’s consideration of the Appellants’ case, peremptorily striking out their witness statements on oath, their exhibits, their pleadings, and discountenancing the evidence of their witnesses, and thus occasioned a grave miscarriage of justice,” Atiku’s team submitted.

The Kano Police Command has imposed a 24-hour curfew in the state to forestall breakdown of law and order.

The development is a sequel to the verdict of the Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal in Kano, which voided the victory of Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf.

The police said a combined team of security operatives have been dispatched across the city to enforce the curfew.

The Kano police said, “Going forward, Kano State residents are called upon to note that combined Security Forces have already been dispatched to the nooks and crannies including the entry and exits of the State.

“To ensure enforcement and strict compliance of the Twenty-Four Hours (24hrs) Curfew order as communicated by the State Government via letter with Reference No: K/SEC/H/435/T.1/153 dated 20th September 2023 taking effect from 6pm of Wednesday, 20th September to 6pm of Thursday, 21st September 2023.

“Violators will be arrested and made to face the full wrath of the law.” The police said it was important the residents remained law-abiding in the best interest of all.

The police decision is borne out of a rising apprehension in the state following the judgment that declared Nasir Gawuna the APC winner of the elections.

Residents were reportedly scampering to safety while others closed their places of business for fear of attacks similar to the March arson after Governor Yusuf was declared the winner of the elections.

Former President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, said, on Wednesday, that the ex-President regretted some of the decisions he took while in office and felt he could have done some things better.

According to Adesina, who spoke in Osogbo on Wednesday, such is normal for any human being.

The ex-presidential spokesman was a guest at a programme tagged ‘Media Dialogue with Femi Adesina’ organised by the Association of Veteran Journalists in Osun State.

He said before Buhari left office, he had a two-hour chat with him, during which he asked all manner of questions.


“There is no living human being that will not regret certain things. It is one of the questions I asked the President.

“Before we left office, I sat with him for about two hours and I asked him every question under the sun; there was no question I didn’t ask him. There were things he (Buhari) felt could have been done better,” Adesina said.

He, however, defended Buhari’s controversial naira redesign policy, saying it was for the good of the nation.

“You will recall that even during that time, there was no kidnapping. I remember some people went to kidnap an APC chairman or is it secretary in Kano. After holding him for three days and nobody was calling to ask how much they will collect because there was no cash, they just slapped him three times and told him to go.

“Even kidnappers were out of business because there was no naira and do you know that we have a cleaner election because of that policy?

“Nine serving governors couldn’t go to the Senate. They contested but lost. Have you ever seen a governor who will contest an election and will not win? But because there was no money to spread around, they couldn’t win. The policy was not bad in its entirety. There were issues with it but it was not bad in its entirety,” he said.


Rwandan President Paul Kagame says he will run for a fourth term in 2024 — a move that could extend his hold on power to nearly three decades.

Kagame confirmed his intentions in an interview with Jeune Afrique, a French magazine on Tuesday.

The president who began governing the East African country in 2000, is eligible to continue in office for another decade after a constitutional amendment in 2015 changed term limits that would have forced him to step down two years later.

Speaking with the French magazine, Kagame said he would serve as president as long as he can. 

“I am happy with the confidence that Rwandans have in me,” he said.

“I will always serve them, as much when I can. Yes, I am indeed a candidate.”

Although Kagame has gathered international acclaim for presiding over peace and economic growth since the end of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, he has also faced criticism from rights groups. 

He is accused of cracking down on the opposition and shushing independent media.

The president said he was not bothered about what foreign countries would think of his decision to run again.

“Personally, I no longer know what corresponds to Western values,” he said.

“What is democracy? The West dictating to others what they should do? But if they violate their own principles, how do we listen to them?” 

“Seeking to transplant democracy to someone else is already a violation of democracy in itself.

“People are supposed to be independent and should be allowed to organise themselves as they wish.”

Shortly after the Gabon coup last month, Kagame reshuffled his military to solidify his power hold.

Meetings between Rwanda’s chief of defence staff, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ambassador to Rwanda, and the defence attaché of Cameroon were also held to discuss ways “to enhance defence cooperation between their respective countries”.

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The attention of the Shareholders of Arik Air Limited has been drawn to press statements attributed to Alhaji Ahmed Kuru, the Managing Director of the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria, AMCON.

It is unfortunate that a senior government official, Alhaji Kuru, entrusted with the vital responsibility in the economic affairs of Nigeria will publicly make false and misleading statements in order to justify the monumental damage he led against Arik Air. This is a private airline that has proudly flown Nigeria’s flag around the world, while conducting its business constructively and contributing to the economic growth and development of Nigeria.

While we wish to refrain from media assaults and trials of persons as Alhaji Kuru/AMCON has done repeatedly in the past 6 years, we are beholden with the moral duty to set the records straight, in order to expose the desperate attempt to misinform Nigerians and distort the facts of the monumental destruction of Arik by AMCON and its receiver Manager(s). We wish to state as follows;

The Forceful Takeover of Arik

We state unequivocally that as at 9thFebruary 2017 when AMCON forced Arik Air into the receivership management of Mr. Oluseye Opasanya (SAN),the airline was not in default of any of its financial lease and operating loan obligations to any Bank, including the European Credit Agency(ECA)/HSBC facility. Suffice it to state that  with the 2010 banking reforms, the CBN directed the conversion of  all local bank guarantees of foreign loans from off-balance sheet  to on-balance sheet. Thus, with this CBN directive, AMCON took over the European Credit Agency(ECA)/HSBC finance facility supported by the local guarantee of Union Bank plc. AMCON renegotiated the facility with Union Bank from single digit to double digit interest rate without involving Arik Air management. 

This is a shareholder statement