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Saturday, 25 March 2023 10:16

Apostle Johnson Suleman recounts how Oyedepo treated him when he was attacked

Apostle Johnson Suleman has recounted how some men of God treated him when he was attacked last year.

Speaking during a church service, he stated that some pastors showed him great love and sympathy in that trying time.

He said one of such pastors was Bishop David Oyedepo, the President and Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide.

According to Suleman, Bishop Oyedepo called several times and prayed for him against any future attacks.

“The love I saw from Bishop Oyedepo when I was attacked, I didn’t see it from any minister in Nigeria”, he said.

“He didn’t have my phone number; he sent me his phone number. He said that they should give it to me.

“People were calling me. Bishop Abioye was calling me. I know Bishop Abioye’s number. And he (Oyedepo) began to pray for me.

“The next day, he called me again. Such a man! Who am I? He said, ‘they will not succeed, they can’t quench that light’! Tears came out of my eyes.”

Recall that on October 21, 2022, Suleman’s motorcade was attacked by gunmen suspected to be assassins. Seven people were killed in that attack, including security officers.

The man of God escaped death in his bulletproof car.

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