Tuesday, 09 August 2022 04:41

[OPINION] My views on the “Emi lo kan” statement by Asiwaju Tinubu - Wumi Akintide

“Emi lo kan” submission or deposition would have been defensible if the Jagaban of Borgu was an “Idaiken” or the first son or the Hier to the throne of Benin as Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo and the powerful Oba of Benin.

When Nogidigan the Oba Overamen of Benin was exiled to Calabar following the attack he had ordered on the Captain Phillip Expedition to Benin of 1897, the “Emi lo kan” idaiken of Benin Prince Eweka could not succeed Oba Overamen who was still alive in exile.


A Benin Chieftain Obaseki was chosen by the British as a surrogate regent or Warrant Chief in Benin until Heir Apparent Eweka was able to rightfully take over following the death of Oba Overamen.

Tinubu’s statement “Emi lo kan” would have made more sense if he was also the first son of the Obi of Agbor in Delta State where Obi Ikeagbusi, a toddler had to be installed the Obi to succeed his father and the Agbor king makers had to bend over backwards to appoint a surrogate regent or Cabinet of Elders to act for him till he was old enough to assume the full duties and responsibilities of his high traditional title as the accredited Obi of Agbor.

The Asiwaju of Lagos was none of those individuals and he terribly goofed when he uttered the statement which has now become the butt of every joke in Nigeria, “Emi lo kan” in reference to his presidential ambition in Nigeria

The job of President of Nigeria is not a hereditary title.

That said, I would have been happier if Tinubu who has a track record in Politics that eminently qualifies him to run for President has the eloquence and the vocabulary to defend his “Emi lo kan” statement in a debate with all of his top contenders for that job.

If he has it, he is yet to prove it to all Nigerians at a time his Party the APC has an uphill task defending why it must be re-elected with the poor state of the Economy, the kidnappings, the insecurity and the political polarization in Nigeria and the Dollar converting to over 700 in local currency the last time I checked.

Dr. Sunday Iwalaiye and Dr. Oritsejolomi Isibor have raised very valid points with their satire comments on Tinubu’s “Emi lo kan” statement.

I confess to being deeply troubled about Tinubu’s chances and how he could easily pave the way for the PDP and Atiku to easily return to power if the elections are free and fair.

Who knows if the elections would even hold as being speculated in some quarters and by Nigerian You Tube pastors who daily tell Nigerians what God has revealed to them as if Nigeria is first in the list of nations that God has on His priority list.

One of them has actually confessed that the King of Kings has already assured him he is going to succeed Buhari.

If you believe him, you will believe me if I tell you I have an island to sell to you in the Pacific.

It’s all B.S.

I rest my case.

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