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Monday, 30 January 2023 10:00

Nigerians fume as singer, Iyanya violently pushes fan off stage in Anambra

Nigerians have taken to social media to condemn popular Nigerian Afropop singer, Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk, professionally known by his stage name Iyanya for pushing a fan off stage while spraying him money in Akwa, Anambra State.

A video that angered fans on social media captured the moment the singer pushed a male fan spraying money on him off stage and continued performing as if nothing had happened.

Reacting to the massive backlash he received because of the push, Iyanya, in a tweet on his Twitter handle, explained that the fan was slapping his face with the money.

He wrote, The guy kept slapping my face with the money, and I tried to hold his hand, and he continued. First, no matter how much you are spraying, don’t slap someone with it, that’s disrespectful.

Nigerians’ reactions:

aramicom01, He can go scot-free with this but might not go scot-free next time. Power drunken celebrity.

Vitus, Usual Proud Iyanya. Maintain your comeback so that you don’t fade as usual. This pride that you get since project fame has not taught you a lesson.

DSP Bright Edafe, Normally, if that guy makes an official report, @Iyanya can be arrested for this. I come in peace.

Justice Black, You are broke. Someone is helping you. You are pushing your helper.

MrCruiseSA, If it’s abroad now, you won’t do that. It’s only Nigerian fans that you people always treat in this manner. Yes, he was wrong, but he didn’t know. Pushing him off the stage was bad. I blame those who are still watching your dead career on stage.

@Favlked, Oga, you shouldn’t have pushed him like that. What if he got Injured due to that push, he’s a fan, I don’t think your enemy will want to spray you money on stage, take correction, and move on, you’re a professional, not a roadside artiste, just shift him aside simple.

@yunus_salihu, But your bouncer should have stopped him. Ask him to step down gently. Maybe the excitement of seeing you made him not to control himself. No matter what, he still loves you that’s why. This is somehow harsh gaskiya.

@kinqKudos, Artiste that is still struggling to get a hit song doesn’t push fans.

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