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Sunday, 16 January 2022 15:03

Jackie Appiah Displaces Ex-Reps Member, Steals Heart Of President

Whatever relationship existed between the president of a West African country and a former member of the House of Representatives, from a prominent family in Edo State, has obviously come to an end as this president has allegedly found solace in the arms of Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah.

Before Jackie’s enthronement, this ex House of Representatives member was undoubtedly the apple of this president’s eye. So in love were they, that at the height of their relationship years ago, long before he became the leader of his country, they almost walked down the aisle. Unfortunately, their joy was cut short when the lawmaker’s   father, a wealthy businessman, put his foot down and insisted that his daughter had to marry from her country, specifically from their home state. She obeyed, did her father’s bidding and married a prince from her community.


Unfortunately the union, which produced a child, hit the rocks, no thanks to the lawmaker’s feelings for this president. While her ex-husband has since moved on and gone into oblivion, she is yet to remarry. So when this former international star won the presidential election in his country, she was beside herself with joy. She grabbed every available opportunity to celebrate and eulogise the president-elect, especially on social media.

Through her presidential lover, Jackie has invested heavily in real estate in her home country. She owns a couple of fabulous houses in East Legon and Accra, which she rented out, including her residence at Pergola in the Trasaco area of Ghana. This particular house, which sits on a large expanse of land, is an architectural delight. A sprawling edifice, it comes with an Olympic-size swimming pool. The 38 year-old actress used to be married with a son until the marriage collapsed like a pack of badly arranged cards.


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