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Thursday, 11 August 2022 10:31

How APC may rig 2023 presidential election - Adeyanju

Deji Adeyanju, a socio-political activist, has identified ways the All Progressives Congress, APC, may rig the 2023 presidential election.

Adeyanju alleged that APC would use what he called collusive rigging during the February presidential election.

The Abuja-based activist said the ruling party would send its thugs into polling units to manipulate votes after the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has used its BIVAS to validate voters.

In a series of tweets, Adeyanju wrote: “Let me offer free advice on how APC will rig in February. They will wait for INEC to use BIVAS to validate voters, then drive away people from the PUs + thugs game & vote buying. They did the same in Ngor-Okpala Re-Run House of Reps in February of this year. It’s called collusive rigging.”

He also pointed out that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, may have no plans to stop APC from rigging the election.

“I don’t think PDP got plans to prevent APC from engaging in vote buying or rigging. Knowing PDP so well, they will also be preparing for vote buying. It’s possible to prevent vote buying and rigging in Nigeria.

“APC will win in Kogi because the election won’t be free and fair. I know how dangerous Yahaya Bello is and he’s not planning for any election there. Although Atiku will get a lot of votes there and is likely to win Kogi West, but it won’t be easy. This prediction will be 100% correct,” he added.

While Bola Tinubu would be flying the flag of the APC during the presidential election, Atiku Abubakar is the candidate of the PDP.


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