[#ICYMI] We will deliver Tinubu as your successor - APC govs tell Buhari

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[#ICYMI] PDP crisis: Fresh Atiku, G5 reconciliation bid suffers setback

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[#ICYMI] Why I Will Never Backs Same Faith Ticket – Dogara

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[#ICYMI] Morocco, Croatia earned $25 million, $27 million - Qatar 2022 World Cup prize money breakdown

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[#ICYMI] [OPINION] Tinubu, Obaigbena feud: we are not deceived - Etim Etim

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[#ICYMI] [OPINION] Buhari At 80: 12 Things Nigerians Need to Know - Garba Shehu

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[#ICYMI] [OPINION] On Campaign Gaffes, Missiles and Banters - Simon Kolawole

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[#ICYMI] 2023: Apologize to Nigerians instead of campaigning – Atiku to Tinubu, APC

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[#ICYMI] [COMMENTS AND ISSUES] Public Disclaimer - Mike Ozekhome

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[#ICYMI] Argentina vs France: The French team were poisoned before World Cup final – Piers Morgan

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Ramaphosa re-elected as South African President under ANC

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2023: What’ll happen if BVAS machines fail at polling units during election – INEC

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CSO tasks govt to address social injustice, economic inequality

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Buhari has never stolen a kobo unlike others – Islamic group celebrates President’s 80th birthday

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KASTLEA to release all impounded motorcycles to owners

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Tell the world I’m back – Davido announces return after son’s death [Video]

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Ronaldo silent as rival Messi leads Argentina to World Cup glory in Qatar

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Qatar 2022: Pele is my GOAT, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo can’t rival him – Sunday Oliseh

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Qatar 2022: It’s a shame – Lineker slams FIFA for allowing Messi wear bisht during World Cup presentation

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U-20 AFCON: Flying Eagles coach gives conditions for inviting foreign-based players

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Several operators of PoS terminals in Lagos have resorted to buying Naira notes from unusual sources to remain in business following the scarcity of Naira in the country. Some PoS operators in the suburb of Ikeja metropolis, int6eracting with National Daily, explained the reason for the exorbitant charges on their customers who make withdrawals.

One of the PoS operators at Ogba told National Daily that the scarcity of Naira notes now forced them to buy Naira from petrol stations. He mentioned some of the petrol stations selling Naira notes to them to include Mobil, Oando, etc.

In the course of inquiry, National Daily found that some of the PoS operators charge N200 per N1,000 withdrawal. A customer was charged N1,000 cost for withdrawal of N5,000 which previously cost N100. For a withdrawal of N2,000, the customer pays N400 to the operator.

The Naira trading is also being done in old Naira notes, not the redesigned new notes.

A bank customer who went to his bank to withdraw N10,000 told National Daily that the bank could only give him N7,000 in N100 denomination. He said that the manager of the bank told him that they don’t have cash to dispense; meanwhile, he signed a cheque for N10,000, noting that N3,000 is still outstanding at the bank.

At a PoS terminal on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, a customer paid the operator N5,000 to withdraw N20,000, all in old notes.

The crisis of the Naira redesign and swapping of the old notes has caused unprecedented difficulties for many Nigerians, including businesses. Many PoS operators do not have cash to dispense and have, therefore, suspended businesses, except those who unlawfully buy from banks, petrol stations and other sources.

It is expected that the new directive of the Central Bank of Nigeria to banks to pay limited cash to customers on the counters, and other measures the government may be adopting henceforth, could bring relief to Nigerians.


As part of plans to ensure that normalcy returns to the country after the lingering petrol scarcity, the federal government said it is working with all relevant stakeholders to finding a lasting solution.

Minister of state, Petroleum Resources, Chief Timipre Sylva, who spoke newsmen shortly after inspecting some filling stations in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), assured that the issue has been resolved.

The minister said the 14-man committee, which is also part of the solution mechanism, would be inaugurated next week to ensure that the situation normalise totally.

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari recently approved constitution of a 14-man Steering Committee on Petroleum Products Supply and Distribution management to find lasting solution to the disruptions in distribution of petroleum products.

Chief Sylva, who inspected some filling stations in the FCT, including Conoil and TotalEnergies filling stations in Central Area, to assess the level of supply, expressed satisfaction that the scarcity has indeed been contained.

“Mr President directed that we must ensure that the fuel supply situation is normalised quickly. And that is why I have to ensure that we sort out this problem.

“A lot of things have been done. All hands have been on deck, the NNPC Limited, the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA), and stakeholders in the supply chain have come together to ensure that the problem is resolved.

“This is not the time for us to apportion blames as the most important thing is that the problem has been resolved and you can see now the queues are no longer there, at least in the FCT we are going around to ensure they have disappeared,” he said

On marketers who are selling above approved price, especially in other states, he said it was a regulatory issue and within the purview of the NMDPRA to sanction those marketers.

Sylva added that the authority would tackle the issue.

Speaking on the conflicting ex-depot price, he described it as commercial details under the purview of the NNPC Ltd., saying he would ensure that all those conflicting problems were resolved.

The minister noted that the importation of the petroleum product is a problem because a lot of people cannot access the foreign exchange.

“The fuel situation also has nothing to do with politics. Anything, including natural disasters like flood can trigger the fuel distribution hindrance because they are natural factors we are not in control of.

“A lot of the problems that caused fuel scarcity and queues are not within our control there are also all kinds of people who are ready to take advantage of situations and caused problems by seeking for opportunity to make money, hoard and smuggle the product.

“These require intervention of the security agencies and the recent engagement with them definitely helped,” he said.

He expressed sadness about the situation which had subjected Nigerians to pain and frustration, adding the President, was also pained that the citizens were passing through the hardship.

In the bid to futher ensure energy sufficiency, Sylva said the refineries across the country were being rehabilitated and mordula refineries were being anabled while the government was doing everything to ensure scarcity did not reoccur again.

“We had to take 20 per cent stake in Dangote Refinery, these are all efforts by the government to ensure the problem is solved permanently,” he said.

Manager, Conoil Filling Station, Mr Francis Sule, confirmed that the queues had reduced.

Sule added that one of the problem the station encountered was associated with Point of Sale (PoS) machine transactions.

A Canadian model has shared photos on her social media page after her breast implant exploded.

The lady who is addicted to extreme plastic surgery left many shocked after sharing the story.

Mary Magdalene, who is well known for showcasing her plastic surgery enhancements online - has spent more than $100,000 on surgery over the years and almost died on the operating table several times. Her extensive procedures have also left her with severe back pain, meaning she needs a wheelchair to get around.

Mary Magdalene: Surgery addict to go under the knife AGAIN after one of her  5,000cc breast implants burst

In the latest setback, one of her 5000cc implants has now burst, leaving her with an enormous 'uniboob' and a saggy, empty breast next to it.

'My breast implant popped - again,' said the Toronto native, who is scheduled to 'have surgery to take them [both] out next week'.

'I'm going to go back natural in not only my boobs but other parts of my body, too,' she told her 163,000 Instagram followers.

She also revealed during a livestream that it didn't hurt when her implant burst, and she only realised what was happening when she heard a 'pop'. She went on to say that she's going to take out her 38J implants and revert to her natural self.

Mary's massive boobs have gotten her in trouble before. Last summer she claimed her 22-pound breasts got her booted from a flight from Canada to Dallas for looking too explicit.

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A video has captured the moment a man created a scene at the bank over the unavailability of the new Naira notes.

Following the deadline given by the Central Bank Of Nigeria, people have been faced with hardship trying to get the new naira notes which doesn’t seem to be available enough.

Various videos online have depicted desperate acts being exhibited by Nigerians in an effort to get cash to sort their various needs.

In a recent video, a man who couldn’t get money from his bank erupted into rage.


With pain in his voice, the man told the bank staff that he had a family to feed and they needed the money to sort out their needs.

One of the bank staff made an effort to embrace the disgruntled man as he tried to calm him down.

Watch The Video Below:

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In what will come across as a rally startling development, a newborn baby has been found alive two days after she was dumped in an abandoned toilet.

The baby was reportedly dumbed in the toilet by her father in Adamawa state, Northeast Nigeria.

SaharaReporters learnt that the baby whose umbilical cord had yet to be severed was rescued by a passer-by who heard her cry from an abandoned toilet at Government Day Secondary School (GDSS), Dumne in the Song Local Government Area of the state.

SaharaReporters learnt that the infant was thrown away because her grandmother had forbidden her son from raising a child born by a non-Muslim mother.

As further gathered, the father, Ibrahim Lalle, acting on his mother's instructions wrapped the rejected infant in a polythene bag and dumped her in an abandoned toilet.

The baby's mother, Hande Daniel, a Christian, was reportedly impregnated by Lalle, a Muslim. However, after Daniel had the baby girl at Lalle's house, his mother vehemently protested that it was against the Islamic tenets to raise the child.

"Lalle's mother also rejected the idea of her son contemplating any marital relationship with Daniel because of her religious beliefs," a source said.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Lalle's mother have been arrested by the police, while Lalle is at large.

The spokesperson for the Adamawa State police command, SP Suleiman Nguroje confirmed the incident, saying, "The newborn baby was rescued by a good Samaritan and is currently being medically attended to.

"Meanwhile two suspects, the baby's mother and grandmother are in our custody. A manhunt has been launched to apprehend the principal suspect, after which they will be charged to court for the law to take its course."

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Former Senator representing Kaduna Senatorial District, Shehu Sani has described the cashless policy introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, governor, Godwin Emefiele as disastrous and poisonous.

Sani was reacting amid hardship being experienced in withdrawal of money by bank customers leading to queues across the country.

In a statement he issued on Friday, Sani wondered how public policy should be a catastrophe to people rather than being a succour.

He said: “The redesigning of the National currency and the cash withdrawal policy introduced by Godwin Emefiele is an economic disaster and a poisonous idea aimed at unleashing hardships on the masses of Nigerians.

“If the Buhari administration really wants to target the corrupt few,it doesn’t have to wait this long and it doesn’t have to punish the poor. Emefiele set a forest on fire in the name of catching a few rats.”

The ex-lawmaker posited that the apex bank has become a political institution, stating that as a developing nation, economic policies such as this would have taken the status of Nigerians into cognizance.

“The CBN has become a political institution and a home for serpentine and delirious economic ideas.

“The CBN under Emefiele has become a shrine for misery and a breeding ground for penury.It has become a republic within a republic,” he said.

He queried reasons Buhari allowed the policy at the twilight of his administration, particularly in 2019 when he re-contested to stop vote buying.

“Why didn’t the Buhari administration introduce the change of currency in 2019 and wait until 2023 if the CBN policy is about curbing vote buying?

“Nigeria has been turned into a vast refugee camp where people queue for cash ration. Nigerians have been subjected to the multiple tragedies of struggling for money, searching for money, looking for money and scratching for money.

“Nigerians used to buy Dollars at the black market, now they are also buying Naira at the black market.


“The Ahmed Lawan led Senate has failed to checkmate the excesses and autocracy of the CBN because the leadership is in bed with it. The House of Reps have a clear and principled position on the matter”, he concluded.




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A popular Tiktoker, Murja Ibrahim Kunya, has been remanded at a correctional facility for allegedly committing offenses that violate Islamic teachings and threatening people on Tiktok.

A Kano State Sharia court sitting in Filin Hoki, Kano, ordered her detention on Thursday.

Murja was arraigned before the court presided over by Abdullahi Halliru over two count charges bordering on threatening to attack some people and releasing inciting videos that goes contrary to the norms and teachings of Islam, and may lead others wrong.

The Tiktoker was arrested by the police for ‘corrupting society’ after complaints filed by the Council of Ulama.

According to Daily Nigerian, the police arrested Miss Murja while trying to book hotel rooms for her guests who came from far and near for her much-publicized birthday jamboree.

However, when she appeared before the court on Thursday, she pleaded not guilty to the charges that were against her.

The judge adjourned the case to February 16th, 2023, for continuation of hearing, and ordered the remand of the convict in a correctional facility.

Meanwhile, consel to Kunya, Barrister Yasir Musa, prayed the court to send her to Hisbah custody or the police instead of correctional centre, which was rejected by the council to the defendants, Barrister Lamido ABBA Soron Dinki.

Recall that two young men: Mubarak Isa and Nazifi Bala were last year sentenced by a senior magistrate court to 20 strokes of cane, as well as 30 days community service after finding them guilty of defaming the character of Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje and fanning the embers of discord in the society via Tik Tok.

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ICPC, has arrested actress and influencer, Omoseyin Oluwadarasimi Esther, aka Simisola Gold, with Twitter handle @SimisolaofLala, for selling new naira notes on social media.

This was contained in a statement signed by ICPC’s spokesperson, Azuka Ogugua in Abuja on Wednesday night. The statement said the arrest was as a result of intelligence received which led the ICPC operatives to seek out and promptly arrest the suspect.

According to the statement: “Oluwadarasimi Emma, a social media ‘serial entrepreneur’ who deals in skincare, sales of fuel, facilitation of foreign travels through visa acquisitions, and other businesses, seized the opportunity of the scarcity of the new naira notes to openly market the new notes.

It is believed she is in collusion with key elements in the financial services sector diverting the newly released notes away from banking halls and payment channels into a ‘black market.’





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Bola Bolawole is one of the proponents in the call for Yoruba nation. In this interview with Kehinde Olatunji, he spoke on issues bordering on separatist agitation and the hullabaloo among Yoruba nation leaders.

Buhari’s nepotistic attitude fueled calls for separatist agitations

What prompted the protests at Ojota recently, where someone was reportedly killed at a time many thought you had toned down your campaign just like Biafra agitators?

Well, to the best of my knowledge, the agitation for Biafra has not died down. You may experience what we call a lull in the activities of people or organisations. There could be some low points in agitations, but it does not mean that the agitation has been abandoned. I am not aware that the Biafrans have abandoned their struggle and I am also not aware that those who are struggling for Yoruba nation like Sunday Igboho, Prof Banji Akintoye and their followers, have abandoned their struggle. Maybe, they are approaching it in some other forms, but I think they are still agitating for their own separate entities out of Nigeria.

But Sunday Igboho has distanced himself from the protest at Ojota.

I have not seen anybody that said that he is the one that organised the protest at Ojota, but of course, I am aware that it is not possible to have an agitation without some people being behind it. What we should do, instead of asking Gani Adams or Igboho, go to some of the protesters. They should be able to tell us those behind it. Since the people who gathered there are humans, they should be able to tell us who brought them there and the purpose of their gathering.

Do you think the call for Yoruba nation is necessary at this time, given that elections are just around the corner?

It is very necessary because the situation that prompted the agitation for Yoruba nation is still very much with us. I am sure you know that five – 10 years ago, we didn’t hear anything about agitation for Yoruba nation. But somehow, we began to hear about the agitation, especially with the unbridled nepotism of the government of General Muhammadu Buhari, how he positioned the Fulani in the commanding height of the economy of the country, how he positioned the Fulani in the commanding height of the security architecture of the country, how he turned this country from a federation of nationalities to the estate of the Fulani. That was what made other ethnic nationalities to begin to think that if they did not do something, they will soon become slaves to the Fulani. They reasoned that they must agitate to liberate themselves from the Fulani. That situation is still there. Look at the structure in NNPC, it is still Fulani, look at the structure in the security sector, it is still Fulani. Every appointment they are making now, the majority is still going to be Fulani. So, those who are agitating against the imbalance, I think they are justified to continue their agitation until the imbalance is redressed.

Since the Fulani president is leaving, don’t you think the Yoruba nation should calm down till a new government comes on board, which might even favour them given the fact that a Yoruba person is also in the race?

A Fulani president is expected to leave in May. Let us hope that he will leave, because we are already being told that elections may not hold or may be postponed because of the so-called insecurity. So, if elections do not hold or they are postponed, what happens? Will the Fulani president remain in office or will there be an interim national government or what are we going to have? So, it is too early to say that the Fulani president is leaving, it is too early to say that there will be elections. Remember that among the four leading presidential candidates, we have two Northerners there and the election can go anywhere. So, don’t be too sure where the pendulum will swing.

I want Nigerians to dedicate themselves to the cause of fairness, equity and justice. It is only when you have fairness, equity and justice that there can be peace, progress and development. If there is any ethnic group that thinks it can continue to lord it over the others and continue to have its way, it is foolhardy to think that way. Like one philosopher said: If you hold power today, don’t think you will hold power forever, if you are controlling the forces today, don’t think you will control the forces forever, if you are oppressing people today don’t think that you will oppress them forever, one of these days, they will fight to liberate themselves and that is what we see happening in Nigeria now. A word is enough for the wise.

What are your thoughts on the internal crisis in the Ilana Yoruba group among Prof. Banji Akintoye, Prof. Wale Adeniran and Maxwell Adeleye?

It is very unfortunate that they are fighting among themselves. I am familiar with all the people you have mentioned. It is unfortunate that they are disagreeing over money, over positions and washing their dirty linen in public. But I want to say that from my own understanding of what is happening in Yoruba Nation, Prof Akintoye has not resigned from the Yoruba struggle, he only gave his mantle of leader of Ilana Yoruba to his deputy, Prof. Adeniran, so that he can focus on his assignment as the overall leader of all the Yoruba self determination groups. Adeniran just stepped up from being deputy leader to being the leader of Ilana, which is just one of the many organisations making up the Yoruba self-determination groups. They had a disagreement and Maxwell said he is no longer the spokesperson of Prof  Akintoye and there is no problem about that. When he called me, I told him there is no problem if he wants to step down, but why is he now running down the person he served as his spokesperson yesterday? It doesn’t show maturity and commitment to the Yoruba course on his part.

All those who are now saying they have stepped down and have gone to the public to denigrate Prof. Akintoye who they were defending yesterday are wrong. They claim that they are resigning from the Yoruba course. You can’t resign from a course that you believe in, it means that they never had an initial belief in that course. It means that they must have been in that course for a particular purpose other than the interest of the Yoruba nation. It is very unfortunate. You can disagree. I have studied lots of revolutionary struggles and I am familiar with them, there are always disagreements, but you don’t go to the public with your dirty linen and begin to work against the course that you claimed to have believed in. We call such people counter-revolutionists and they are not good for the struggle. I am not happy with the way they are behaving like children. We call what they are exhibiting infantile radicalism, whether they are professors or not. The way they have gone about it is not the way to go about it. If you have problems, sort it out internally and don’t do anything that will jeopardise the course that you said you believed in. If you believe in a course, don’t do anything that will cut the course.

There are lots of Yoruba people who don’t believe in the struggle, do you think it is alright that way?

For those who don’t believe in it, you will not enjoy the benefits. We will excommunicate you from Yoruba nation when we get it. Revolutionary struggles are not carried out by the majority, it’s always by the minority. It’s only a few individuals, that’s why we call them the vanguard of the proletariats. A few people will organise, the proletariats will lead those who are interested and will upturn the structure and build another one. Whether you are in the majority or not, you will just be followers.

Many IPOB members and their sympathisers are no longer identifying with the struggle because Peter Obi is in the race, in fact, many of them have changed their profile pictures from Biafran flag and Nnamdi Kanu to Obi’s picture. Don’t you think those struggling for Yoruba nation should toe this line of action?

Yoruba have never been like other ethnic groups in Nigeria. Yoruba have always held on to their own ideology of equity, justice, fairness and fair play regardless of whose horse is gored. Yoruba don’t support somebody because he is their own. Yoruba will support you if you fit into their concept of what is right, just and equitable. That is why Yoruba are always in opposition, they don’t care. Provided they (Yoruba) know they are fighting the right course, which was how we fought June 12 and won it despite the fact that it was tagged Yoruba struggle. Was MKO not pronounced the winner of the election posthumously? Was he not given the highest honor in the land. Is June 12 not democracy day, despite the fact that it was only Yoruba that fought it to the end?

The Yoruba people won’t behave like other ethnic groups, we will not say that because the Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Bola Tinubu could become president, therefore, we abandon our agitation for Yoruba nation. Our agitation is not because we want a Yoruba president. We are agitating because we want a restructured Nigeria; we want a Nigeria where Yoruba will be free to develop at their own pace. We believe that we are being held down, we believe that we are not able to demonstrate our talents. We believe that if we are allowed to progress at the level of Awolowo by now we would have been better than Brazil, Singapore and China. China was behind us in those days. Malaysia came to Yoruba land to get its palm kernel, today we are importing palm oil from Malaysia. Yoruba people are not agitating for Yoruba president, we have had one. We are agitating for the restructuring of Nigeria. A Yoruba president will come and go, if the structures are not made okay, there will be no development for any ethnic group.

We want a restructured Nigeria like we had in 1960 so that various regions can develop at their own pace. That was the time we had the development that we are referring to today. We are agitating to go back to that arrangement whereby the Yoruba will be able to travel at a faster pace than now. They are being held back now, and we don’t want that anymore. We want a situation whereby within the next five to eight years, we will catch up with Brazil, Singapore and China. We will be a world power and our economy and education would be one of the best in the world like it used to be. That is what we are fighting for. If it’s a Fulani, Igbo or Hausa president that can do that, it’s okay with us. If Goodluck Jonathan or Olusegun Obasanjo had done that, it would have been okay for us. Many of us voted for Buhari in 2015 because we thought he would restructure the country.

So, you need an assurance that restructuring will take place before the agitation for Yoruba nation ceases?

Our minimum demand is restructuring, but I must tell you that there are many Yoruba agitators who have moved away from restructuring because they believe it cannot address our situation 100 per cent, that what they want is for Yoruba to have their own nation. It used to be restructuring but they have delayed it so much that people are now saying that restructuring cannot even solve the problem. But I am saying that, at least, let us have restructuring, if it doesn’t solve the problem, we can now consider the next line of action. But if we restructure and Yoruba region is able to organise itself, like it did under Awolowo, we will make progress and there will be no need for anybody to be calling for Yoruba nation.

[The Guardian]

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Nigerian skit maker cum actor, Debo Adebayo, popularly known as Mr Macaroni, has revealed that being single didn’t stop him from having sex.

Naija News reports that the thespian made this known during a podcast with social media influencer, Adeherself.

The award-winning skit maker said he has been single for over 10 years and hasn’t been in any relationship with anyone.

According to him, many people have always doubted his relationship status, even when he is speaking the truth.

When asked if he has been flirting, Mr Macaroni replied that he cannot flirt when he is not in any relationship.

He added that despite not being in a relationship for the past 10 years, he has been engaging in sex.

In his words: “Talking about dating I have been single for over 10 years now. You see, this is the culture I’m talking about. When I say it, it will be hard for people to believe but it’s the truth.

“How can I be flirting and if I’m not in a relationship? If you want to ask me a question, ask directly. If you want to ask me if I’ve been having s3x, absolutely yes. I am an adult. I already said it now. I have been having s3x.”

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