The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)—characterized by the fusion of the digital, biological, and physical worlds, as well as the growing utilization of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, and advanced wireless technologies, among others—has ushered in a new era of economic disruption with uncertain socio-economic consequences for Africa. However, Africa has been left behind during the past industrial revolutions. Will this time be different? This article seeks to encourage Nigerians towards bridging ethnic and religious an effort to attain industrialization through political cohesiveness, bearing in mind that, Nigeria being the largest black population and the giant of Africa cannot be ignored in the scheme of things.
National prosperity is created, not inherited. It does not grow out of a country’s natural endowments, its labor pool, its interest rates, or its currency’s value, as classical economics insists. A nation’s competitiveness depends on the capacity of its industry to innovate and upgrade. Companies gain advantage against the world’s best competitors because of pressure and challenge. They benefit from having strong domestic rivals, aggressive home-based suppliers, and demanding local customers.
In a world of increasingly global competition, nations have become more, not less, important. As the basis of competition has shifted more and more to the creation and assimilation of knowledge, the role of the nation has grown. Competitive advantage is created and sustained through a highly localized process. Differences in national values, culture, economic structures, institutions, and histories all contribute to competitive success. There are striking differences in the patterns of competitiveness in every country; no nation can or will be competitive in every or even most industries. 
Ultimately, nations succeed in particular industries because their home environment is the most forward-looking, dynamic, and challenging. A small country like Isreal can be a great nation... Since a nation is nothing more than a collection of people living within a set of physical borders, we can measure the greatness of a nation in the same way, by the contributions they have made to the world, to mankind. Going forward, our beloved country Nigeria, as a nation blessed with both natural resources and human..we need to refocus on selfless acts like: Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela (Madiba), Julius Nyerere (Nwalimu), as we approach the 2023 general elections with a mindset of electing a TRANSFORMATIONAL leader who can navigate us through the storm back to the promised land.
Interestingly, political rhetorics are generally subjective in nature. So the interpretation and take out of same are subjective. One man's truths, is another man's lies. Besides, the unexpected always swing surprises. The rejected and condemned stone, may end up being the key pillar of expected transformation. Nigeria, as a nation destined for greatness, we need dynamic leadership and vibrant citizenry, particularly at a time like this in the bid to catch up with the civilized world and globalized economy in these era of fourth industrial revolution '4IR'. As a matter of fact, rhetoric is the art of persuasion, which along with grammar and logic is one of the three ancient arts of discourse. Rhetoric aims to study the techniques writers or speakers utilize to inform, persuade, or motivate particular audiences in specific situations. Particularly, as we approach the 2023 general elections.
For a small country, Israel holds a place of great importance for three of the world’s major religious groups. The modern Jewish state is not only the “Promised Land” for Jews, but the only country in the world where they form a majority of the population. For Christians, Israel is the “Holy Land,” because it is the place where Jesus’ life and death unfolded. And, for Muslims, Jerusalem is the place where the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven. Although Israel’s religious significance dates to ancient times, the country still receives frequent international attention due in large part to near-constant religious, ethnic and political conflicts.
Instructively, in a multilingual Nigerian society as well as in similar countries like Australia, India or even in seemingly homogeneous linguistic societies like Britain, language planning, development and policies are sine qua non. As such, political scientists define “nation” as a people with a shared sense of history and identity. The aspiration is to turn a state into a nation-state. Some will instinctively argue that Nigeria is not a nation but a country, basically a geographical expression or a political entity. In the well-quoted words of Chief Jeremiah Olaniyi Obafemi Awolowo (Awo), the unarguably nationalist, as contained in his book, ‘Path to Nigerian Freedom’ (1947), “Nigeria is not a nation. It is a mere geographical expression. There are no ‘Nigerians’ in the same sense as there are ‘English’, ‘Welsh,’ or ‘French’.” However, increasingly, ‘nation’ and ‘country’ are now used interchangeably, perhaps as a reflection of a changing world.
This article examines whether the choice of an electoral system in a culturally plural society can affect the potential for future violent conflict. We find that it can, but that there is no single electoral system that is likely to be best for all divided societies. We distinguish four basic strategies of electoral system design. The optimal choice for peacefully managing conflict depends on several identifiable factors specific to our beloved country Nigeria, including the way and degree to which religion and ethnicity are politicized, the intensity of conflict, and the demographic and geographic distribution of ethnic groups. In addition, the electoral system that is most appropriate for initially ending internal conflict may not be the best one for longer-term conflict management. In short, while electoral systems can be powerful levers for shaping the content and practice of politics in divided societies, their design is highly sensitive to context.
Conclusively, religion in Nigeria (the most populous African country with a population of over 200 million in 2018) is diverse. Nigeria's constitution ensures freedom of religion and the country is home to some of the world's largest Muslim and Christian populations, simultaneously. Nigeria is divided roughly in half between Muslims, who live mostly in the north, and Christians, who live mostly in the south; indigenous religions, such as those native to the Igbo and Yoruba ethnicities, are in the minority. Therefore, the need for cohesiveness bearing in mind our diversity.

Nigeria’s electricity grid suffered 222 partial and total system collapses from January 2010 to June 2022.

According to Thisday, an analysis of industry data — mostly from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) — from January 2010 to September 2021 showed that the grid suffered 216 system collapses.

It added that information relating to the crashes was not officially available from September 2021 to June 2022.

The grid collapsed in February, May, July, and August 2021.

Last month, it experienced collapse for the seventh time in 2022.

TheCable had reported that the grid experienced 206 collapses between 2010 and 2019.

Thisday reported that a review of the data showed that in 2010, Nigeria experienced 42 total and partial crashes; 19 in 2011; 24 in 2012 and 2013, respectively; 13 in 2014; and 10 in 2015.

In 2016, the number of cases rose to 28; it came to 21 in 2017; 13 in 2018; 11 in 2019 and four in 2020.

“As a background, the national power grid, a network of electricity transmission lines connecting generating stations to loads across the entire country, is designed to operate within certain stability limits in terms of voltage (330kV+5 per cent) and frequency (50Hz+5 per cent). Whenever the grid operates out of these stability ranges, it becomes unstable; power quality decreases and leads to wide-scale supply disruptions, resulting in grid collapse and blackouts,” the report reads.

“While maintaining a stable grid frequency of 50Hz requires a sustained balance between the amount of electricity fed into the electricity grid and the amount of electricity off-taken by end-users since it is not economically optimal to store electricity in large quantities over a long period, the System Operator (SO) ensures that the frequency is sustained at all times within a tolerance threshold.

“When supply exceeds demand, the electrical frequency increases, and in extreme cases some power plants that are unable to tolerate excessive frequency variation may shut down, thereby causing a sudden drop in the available generation on the grid. This exacerbates the frequency imbalance, potentially leading to a full/partial system collapse.

“It is the same when demand exceeds supply and the frequency drops. Unless the SO immediately brings in additional supply or sheds off some load, it could lead to a complete collapse of the grid.”

To sustain the improvement in grid stability in subsequent years, NERC had assured that it would continue to intensify monitoring of strict compliance with the SO’s directives to generators on free governor and frequency control mode in line with the provisions of the subsisting operating codes in the industry.

The commission added that it was exploring options for the enforcement of an under-frequency load shedding scheme that had been put in place to provide an added layer of security for the grid in the case of a sudden loss of generation.

To reduce the rate of grid failures, the ministry of power said the federal government would fast-track the purchase and installation of a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.


At the end of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, the UK, on Sunday, August 7, Team Nigeria amassed 12 Gold, nine Silver and 14 Bronze medals, bringing the numbers to a total of 35 medals.

Find below a complete list of the winners and their sports:


1.Adijat Adenike Olarinoye (Gold, Women’s 55kg).

  1. Edidiong Joseph Umaofia (Bronze, Men’s 67kg).
  2. Rafiatu Folashade Lawal (Gold, Women’s 59kg)
  3. Islamiyat Yusuf (Bronze, Women’s 64kg).
  4. Taiwo Laidi (Silver, Women’s 76kg).
  5. Mary Taiwo Osijo (Bronze, Women’s 87kg)


  1. Chioma Onyekwere (Gold, Women’s Discus Throw).
  2. Obiageri Amaechi (Bronze, Women’s Discus Throw).
  3. Favour Ofili (Silver, Women’s 200m).
  4. Amusan Tobi (Gold, Women’s 100m Hurdles).
  5. Onwuzurike Udodi Chudi, Ashe Favour Oghene Tejiri, Akintola Alaba Olukunle, Ekevwo Raymond (Bronze Medal, Men’s 4 x 100m).
  6. Amusan Tobi, Ofili Favour, Chukwuma Rosemary, Nwokocha Nzubechi Grace, Udo Joy Gabriel Chinenye (Gold, Women’s 4 x 100m).
  7. Ese Brume (Gold, Women’s Long Jump)


  1. Goodness Chiemere Nwachukwu (Gold, Women’s Discus Throw F 42-44/61-64).
  2. Eucharia Njideka Iyiazi (Gold, Women’s F55 – 57 Shot Put).
  3. Ugochi Constaine Alam (Bronze, Women’s F55 – 57 Shot Put).


  1. Alice Folashade Oluwafemiayo (Gold, Women’s Heavyweight).
  2. Bose Patricia Omolayo (Silver, Women’s Heavyweight).
  3. Ikechukwu Christian Obichukwu (Silver, Men’s Heavyweight).
  4. Innocent Nnamdi (Bronze, Men’s Lightweight).


  1. Adekuoroye Odunayo (Gold, Women’s Freestyle 57kg)
  2. Kolawole Esther (Bronze, Women’s Freestyle 62kg).
  3. Oborodudu Blessing (Gold, Women’s Freestyle 68kg).
  4. Genesis Mercy (Gold, Women’s Freestyle, 50kg).
  5. Wilson Ebikewemino (Silver, Men’s Freestyle 57kg).
  6. Hannah Reuben (Silver, Women’s Freestyle 76kg).
  7. John Ogbonna Emmanuel (Bronze, Men’s Freestyle 74kg).

Para-Table Tennis 

  1. Ikpeoyi Ifechukwude Christiana (Silver, Women’s Singles Classes 3-5).
  2. Sule Nasiru (Silver, Men’s Singles Classes 3-5).
  3. Ogunkunle Isau (Bronze, Men’s Singles Classes 3-5).
  4. Obazuaye Faith (Bronze, Women’s Singles Classes 6-


  1. Onyekwere Ifeanyi (Bronze, Men’s over 92kg Super Heavy
  2. Umunnake Jacinta (Bronze, Women’s 75kg).
  3. Ogunsemilore Cynthia (Bronze, Women’s over 57kg-60kg, Light Weight).
  4. Oshoba Elizabeth (Silver, Over 54kg-57kg, Featherweight).


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) says its operatives have arrested a 90-year-old retired soldier for supplying bandits with illicit drugs.

Femi Babafemi, NDLEA spokesperson, in a statement on Sunday, said the suspect, identified as Usman Adamu, was arrested on August 3 in Mailalle, Sabon Birni LGA, Sokoto.

The spokesman said at the time of his arrest, the suspect was caught with 5.1kg cannabis sativa.

Babafemi said in a separate operation, Anietie Okon Effiong, identified as a pastor, was arrested over links to three drums of crystal methamphetamine, locally called ‘mkpuru mmiri’, believed to have been imported from India.

“The consignment weighing 90 kilograms and loaded into a commercial bus with registration number RSH 691XC at Ojuelegba in Lagos was intercepted during a stop and search operation along Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene highway on Saturday 6th August 2022,” the statement reads.

“The dangerous drug packed 30kg in each drum was meant for Pastor Anietie Okon Effiong, who was arrested in a follow-up operation at Oron beach in Oron. The recovered Meth drums were meant for onward delivery to the Republic of Cameroon.

“This comes on the heels of four seizures of the same illicit substance weighing 4.074kg going to Australia, Indonesia and Philippines with a 3kg cannabis sativa heading to Dubai, United Arab Emirates at some courier companies in Lagos. The consignments were concealed in body cream, hot burner iron and beads.”

Babafemi also said Solo Osamede, a 37-year-old indigene of Ovia LGA, Edo state, and resident in Italy, was arrested on July 30 at the Murtala Muhammed international airport, Lagos, for ingesting 41 wraps of heroin.

The suspect was arrested while attempting to board a Turkish Airline flight to Milan, Italy via Istanbul, Turkey.

“The swallowed wraps of the illicit drug were recovered in four excretions, which the suspect completed on Monday 1st Aug,” the statement reads.

“In the same vein, a female passenger, Jatau Lydia Lami, was arrested at the Lagos airport for attempting to export 1,700 tablets of Tramadol 225mg concealed in her luggage to Istanbul, Turkey via a Turkish Airline flight on Sunday 31st July.

“Preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect, a mother of three, hails from Zango Kataf LGA, Kaduna State and lives in Istanbul, Turkey with her family. She blamed her action on pressure to raise N5million ransom to free her mother from the captivity of bandits who kidnapped her since June.

“In Zamfara, NDLEA operatives on Thursday, 4th Aug, intercepted a truck from Benin, Edo state enroute Sokoto with 50,000 tablets of Diazepam owned by a drug dealer, Umaru Attahiru, while in Kogi, 14 sacks containing 1,376 bottles of codeine based syrup weighing 190.4kg were seized along Okene-Abuja highway on Wednesday 3rd Aug.

“The exhibits were found in a delivery bus coming from Onitsha, Anambra and heading to Abuja. Follow-up operation in Abuja same day led to the arrest of Jude Ikenna and Ozoemene Cornelius.”

The NDLEA also said in Kaduna, it arrested four suspects with 106,770 tablets of Tramadol 225mg, Diazepam, Exol-5 and 100 bottles of codeine cough syrup.

The agency said it also recovered 143.5kg cannabis sativa from locked-up stores in Enugu.

On his part, Buba Marwa, NDLEA chairman, expressed satisfaction with the performance of the officers of the Akwa Ibom, MMIA, Sokoto, Zamfara, Kogi, Delta, Enugu, and Kaduna commands of the agency for their recent feats.

He also urged them and others across the country to remain focused and vigilant.

Nigerian Catholic priest serving in Malawi, Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu has said that those opposing the presidency of Labour Party, LP, presidential candidate, Peter Obi are not being logical.
In a post on Facebook, the clergy man said that the Obidient movement is not ordinary.

Citing Obi’s defection from the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, and his wide acceptance across the country after moving to the LP, the clergyman insisted that the former governor’s ambition and move is a divine arrangement.

The priest stated further that those who have tried to pull the LP candidate down so far had “ended up killing and making a mess of their reputations”.

He wrote, “Whatever is following Mr. Peter Obi is not ordinary. If you sincerely reflect over every step he had taken so far, from leaving PDP to finding his running mate,cthe timing of his moves, accuracy of plans and thoughts. They are nothing but divine arrangements.

“Some of those fighting him actually never had sense before, but we never knew, we were even ‘gbaming’ them then. . .but with Peter Obi, every doubt about them has been totally removed”


A federal high court in Abuja has fixed September 7 to hear a suit seeking the disqualification of Bola Tinubu, presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), from contesting in the 2023 elections.

The plaintiffs, four APC chieftains, are asking the court to rule that Tinubu is ineligible to run for president in the 2023 presidential election as the party’s candidate because he allegedly submitted false information to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

In a 33-paragraph affidavit in support of the suit deposed to by one Ibiang Miko Ibiang, the plaintiffs averred that Tinubu falsely swore to an affidavit in 1999 in which he claimed to have attended St Paul Aroloya Children Home School, Ibadan -1958-64, and Government College, Ibadan -1965-68 and presented the same to INEC.

According to the plaintiffs, the deposition is untrue. They claimed in his INEC form for the 2023 elections, Tinubu refused to include any information about his primary and secondary schools in order to hide the false information he had provided to INEC.

The plaintiffs are praying the court to determine “Whether having regard to the provision of sections 1 (3); 4(1)and 2; 14(1),(2)(a), and (c)and 42(1)(a)and (b) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), the provision of section 29(5)of the Electoral Act, 2022 as enacted by the 4th defendant which modified the provision section 31(5) of the Electoral Act,2010(as amended) is not ultra vires the 4th Defendant and therefore unconstitutional, null, void and of no effect whatever”.

“Whether having regard to the decision of the supreme court in the case Modibbo Vs Usman (2020) 3 NWLR(PT.1712)470 and the provision of section 137(1)(j) the 3rd defendant has not presented a forged certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) the 1st defendant and thereby disqualified from participating in the forthcoming 2023 presidential general election,” they said.

Upon the favourable determination of the questions, the plaintiffs are asking for “a declaration that the 3rd defendant (Tinubu) has presented a forged certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission for the purpose of seeking to be elected into the office of president of the federal republic of Nigeria”.

“A declaration that the 3rd defendant stands disqualified from participating in the 2023 presidential election as a candidate of the 2nd defendant has presented a forged certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission for the purpose of seeking to be elected into the office of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

“An order disqualifying the 3rd Defendant from contesting or participating in the forthcoming 2023 presidential general election as a candidate of the 2nd defendant.

Ruling on an ex parte application, Ahmed Mohammed, the judge, granted an order for substituted service on Tinubu after the plaintiffs’ counsel, Goddy Uche, told the court that substituted service has become necessary because all attempts to serve the presidential candidate proved abortive.

The court ordered that court processes should be served on the national secretariat of the APC and that such service shall be deemed as having been properly served on Tinubu.

He adjourned the case to September 7 for a hearing.


Facts have emerged on why the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate for the 2023 general election, Mr. Peter Obi, kept former Vice President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in the dark concerning his defection from Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). 

The PDP presidential standard bearer had, during an interaction with Arise Television crew, disclosed that Obi, who was his running mate in the 2019 presidential poll, did not inform him of his intention of leaving PDP till after three days he joined the Labour Party (LP).
The former Vice President also described Obi’s presidential candidacy on the LP platform as a mere social media sensation, stressing that only a miracle would make him win the presidential contest since LP has no visible nationwide structure to achieve electoral victory.
However, an investigation by The Guardian revealed that the LP presidential contender and former Anambra State governor purposely kept his defection plans away from his former principal after sources informed him that Atiku did not want a Southeast candidate as his running mate.


It could be recalled that the former Vice President’s decision to nominate the former Anambra State governor as his running mate in 2018 sparked controversies as major political actors from the Southeast, particularly the Southeast Governors’ Forum, kicked against it.
A close ally of the LP presidential candidate, who was a central player during Obi’s administration in Anambra State confided in The Guardian that during the buildup to the PDP presidential primary, they got intelligence that Atiku had planted a candidate in one of the thriving young parties.   
The source added that Atiku saw the potency in the younger parties, going by the experience of the Young Peoples Party (YPP) in 2019, which made a good impression at the poll.
The source said, “You know Kingsley Moghalu did not win in 2019, but he made a serious impact on the youth population. The former Vice President believed that with such a young charismatic politician in the race it would create some problems for him.


“Even before the PDP national convention, Atiku was sure that he would pick the party’s presidential ticket again. That was why he talked about the right of the first refusal and called the bluff of northern elders that wanted to broker consensus.
“It became clear to us that since PDP was not forthcoming on the issue of zoning the Presidency to the South, as well as the bond among incumbent state governors, we needed to explore other options and ensure that we did not give Atiku any impression about our plans.”
He said arrangements for Obi to move over to LP had been concluded long before June 24, when he wrote his resignation letter to the Agulu 2 ward of PDP, which was also transmitted to the party’s national headquarters immediately.
He stated: “With the resignation officially sealed, Obi now travelled to the United Kingdom briefly. After the visit to 10 Downing Street, he came back and declared officially for LP on June 27. It was actually on July 1, that His Excellency informed the former Vice President that he had moved on, that is it. By that time the LP presidential primary had been concluded.”


The portal of the Nigerian Navy has been opened for the 2022/2023 recruitment exercise.
Interested applicants can visit the portal of the Nigerian Navy to fill out the application form and submit it online.

After submitting the form online, applicants would be shortlisted for an aptitude test.

Candidates thereafter will appear for an interview at the screening venue Nigerian Navy Secondary School Ojo, Lagos.

How To Apply

1. Go to

2. Click on apply on the e-recruitment portal.

3. Fill out the online application form and upload the document required.

4. Once done, click on submit.


1. Minimum Age Requirement 18

2. Maximum Age Requirement 35

3. Minimum Height for Male Applicants 1.69

4. Minimum Height for Female Applicants 1.65

5. Basic Academic Qualifications SSCE, NECO, NABTEB with 5 Credits including Maths and English.

6. Higher Qualifications ND, HND or BSC based on the position.

As the 2022 Commonwealth Games ends on Monday, “Team Nigeria” ended its campaign on Sunday, after day 10 of quality representation at the competition.

Team Nigeria finished its campaign at the Games with 35 medals consisting of 12 gold, 9 silver and 14 bronze medals to place 7th on the log.

Nigeria went into the last session of the Games, needing one gold medal to surpass its highest ever gold medal win of eleven.

Ese Brume understood the assignment and duly delivered for Nigeria. In fact, all gold medals won by Nigeria at the competition were won by women.

Long Jumper Ese Brume broke the Commonwealth Games record to win Team Nigeria’s 12th gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on Sunday.

Brume put herself in a commanding position for the gold medal after her fourth attempt gave her a new Commonwealth Games record of 6.99m.

The 26-year-old broke the Games record again a few minutes later with her last attempt, after a leap of 7.00m to put her way ahead to clinch Nigeria’s last gold of Day 10.

Tobi Amusan also made history on Sunday morning, as the first Nigeria track and field athlete, and the second in history to successfully defend a Commonwealth Games 100m hurdles title.

The 25-year-old Nigerian also set a new 12.30 seconds Games record on the way to winning the event’s gold medal.

Amusan, who’s the reigning world champion and world record holder in the 100m hurdles also became the first Nigerian track and field athlete to win gold medal at two editions of the Games,with the gold now, she has become the only Nigerian athlete in history to complete a grand slam of titles in Africa, Commonwealth and World levels after winning gold at the 22nd African Athletics championships in Mauritius in June and the World Athletics championships in Oregon, USA last month.

The women’s 4x100m quartet, of Tobi Amusan, Favour Ofili, Rosemary Chukwuma and Grace Nwokocha, claimed gold in record-breaking fashion, finishing in 42.10secs to break the 42.22secs African record they set at last month’s World Athletics Championships in Oregon, USA to win Nigeria’s first ever Gold in Commonwealth Games.

The men’s 4x100m team made up of Udodi Onwuzurike, Favour Ashe, Alaba Akintola and Raymond Ekevwo also made history with a bronze medal win on Sunday. It’s the first medal by the men’s 4x100m relay team at the Games since 1982.

Elizabeth Oshoba also won a silver medal for Nigeria in Women’s Boxing over 54kg-57kg Featherweight. She lost 0-5 to Michaela Walsh.

More than 5,000 athletes representing 72 nations and territories competing in 280 medal events

The closing ceremony of the Games will be held later tonight and the Games flag will be handed over to Victoria, Australia for the 2026 Games.

The Lagos State chapter of the Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE) has claimed that the presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Bola Tinubu, will win the 2023 election.
In a communique issued at the end of its quarterly meeting, the YCE said that Tinubu would emerge as the next president in 2023 because he is a phenomenon in the world of politics.

The elders maintained that the APC presidential candidate is capable of leading the country despite the worsening insecurity and other challenges facing it.

The communique was signed by the Chairman, Francis Akinikawe, the Secetrary, Clement Fadipe, National Treasurer, Aremu Akindele and National Welfare Officer, Funmi Jabaru.

The elders added that Tinubu is the right person for the presidency, stressing that the former Governor of Lagos State stands for justice, fairness and national cohesion.

YCE pointed out that the APC presidential candidate would work assiduously to improve the well-being of Nigerians as he did in Lagos State by running an inclusive government.

The communique reads: “We believe that Tinubu is capable of leading the nation despite challenges of insecurity, economy downtown and we know he can turn the nation for the better.

“We want the world to know that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a phenomenon in the world of politics. We are not against anyone’s group or aspirations but all we are saying is that Asiwaju is the right person for the job.

“He is the best man for the job at this period of time. Our support for his candidacy burn out of his starling performances and track record of achievements over the years as fishers of men with just and equitable management of men and re-distribution of the available resources under his watch at every given opportunity.”


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