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Tuesday, 26 September 2023 08:40

“My late son always warned me never to eat at Naira Marley’s house” – Mohbad’s mother opens up

Mohbad’s mother has recently shed light on her son’s reasons for urging her not to eat at Naira Marley’s house before his demise.

During an emotional interview, she also disclosed troubling allegations of physical abuse her son endured during the production of his EP, despite her attempts to intervene.

Mohbad's mother shares her late son's concerns, allegations of abuse during visits to Naira Marley's house Late Nigerian singer, Mohbad.

In a candid conversation, Mohbad’s mother revealed that on her visits to Naira Marley’s home, her son expressed genuine concerns about her safety, cautioning her against consuming any food or wine offered to her.

She emphasized that Mohbad’s primary reason for visiting Naira Marley’s house was not to dine, as she often observed fasting routines in the mornings.

Furthermore, she revealed that she often chose to stay wherever her son stayed, declining offers to stay at hotels.

In her own words;

“Whenever I go to Naira’s house and I am given food, I won’t eat. Food is not why I went there, and I fast most times in the morning. My son would tell me not to eat it because he does not want me to die. He flushes the wine given to him too. He said he was signed for three years.”

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