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Sunday, 01 October 2023 05:11

‘I was approached in Nigeria and abroad to peddle drugs’ – Okey Bakassi

Okey Bakassi, a popular Nigerian comedian and actor, has recently revealed that he was once approached both in Nigeria and abroad for drug trafficking.

Okey Bakassi explained how scammers and drug traffickers asked him to join their business with a lucrative offer.

He revealed this during an interview on Channels TV.

He also mentioned that as an entertainer, you might get solicited to sell drugs.

He claimed that despite the business’s profitability, he declined the offer and chose to keep his life straightforward.

Okey Bakassi said:

“When I came to Lagos as a young man, I was tempted by different people in so many ways. And I’m talking about fraudsters and drug dealers.

“I was approached. When you are in entertainment, you will be approached to peddle drugs. I have been approached overseas, I have been approached in Nigeria by drug dealers

They will just show up in your hotel and talk business. They will tell you other people who are doing it and making money. But it is dangerous.

“For me, I want to be able to sleep well without being afraid of the police or any law enforcement agencies. So I have tried from day one to keep things simple and be happy.”

In another story, Comedian Okey Bakassi Reaffirms Support For Peter Obi, Says He Doesn’t Want Atiku Or Tinubu To Fail

Okey Bakassi explained he supports Peter Obi because he wants Nigeria to succeed. He also noted that the sitting president, Buhari, and presidential hopeful Tinubu won’t be going to London for medical treatment while the PDP presidential aspirant Atiku won’t live in Dubai if Nigeria becomes successful through the LP contestant.

“I don’t want Atiku or Tinubu to fail, I just want Nigeria to succeed. I’ll support and vote for @PeterObi to fix Nigeria, so in their very old age, Buhari & Tinubu won’t be going to London for medical treatment and Atiku won’t live in Dubai. #saveNigeria,” he shared on Twitter.

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