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Wednesday, 20 September 2023 09:17

“I stopped Mohbad’s father from burying him at midnight” – Ikorodu Chairman

A Nigerian man who claims to be the chairman from Ikorodu has provided an account of the events that unfolded between him and Mohbad’s dad following the crooner’s death.

According to his account, the deceased singer’s father had initially planned to conduct a midnight burial on the same day of his son’s demise, but the he opposed this idea vehemently.

He explained that he expressed disapproval of action and firmly asserted that the midnight burial wouldn’t happen.

The man relayed this information in his native language, which has been translated into English.

His statement can be summarized as follows:

“I didn’t allow them to bury him. They wanted to bring him at midnight.”

“He called me, but I initially refused and told him he can’t be buried at midnight, not here.”


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