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Thursday, 21 September 2023 09:44

Bayowa fires back at Busola Eleyele, denies request for intimacy

- spills dirty secrets about singer


Prominent Nigerian music promoter Bayowa has taken a vigorous stance in an effort to vindicate his reputation against a barrage of allegations put forth by his former protege, Busola Oke.

Bayowa expressed sheer astonishment that, after the passage of an entire decade since her departure from his company, the gospel singer has chosen this moment to voice her grievances.

He insinuated that she might be attempting to garner attention by intertwining her narrative with the unfortunate demise of Mohbad.


In his narrative, Bayowa vehemently asserted that he nurtured Busola’s career from its humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success, all without any involvement of a romantic or amorous nature.


He underscored the fact that she subsequently collaborated with various other individuals in the industry after parting ways with him.

Adding further fuel to the fire, Bayowa divulged that, during her 2019 tour in the United Kingdom, the gospel singer was romantically entangled with a married London-based promoter, leading to tumultuous repercussions within the promoter’s marital life.

While remaining tight-lipped about specific details, Bayowa adamantly contended that Busola is the mastermind behind her own predicaments. He extended a fervent appeal to her to retrace her steps and regain her footing in the music industry.


Excerpt from his post read:

With God on my side, I brought BUSOLA OKE ELEYELE UP from nobody to somebody without dating or seeing her nakedness. From Grass to Grace. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. She left my promotion and marketing company about ten or eleven years ago after buying her another car, and I never bothered or chased after her to come back.

She has produced about 3 albums for other marketers, She produced about 5 albums marketed by herself within the period she left Bayowa Films. So why crying and calling for my head now after about ten years that I saw her last? ” 


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