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Tuesday, 03 October 2023 06:06

African Countries Elect Thieves As Leaders – Patrick Lumumba

A popular Kenyan Human Rights Activist and legal practitioner, Patrick Lumumba, said on Monday that African countries are being ruled by thieves.

According to him, the citizens elect thieves as leaders but always expect them to have the character of Jesus Christ.

Naija News reports that Lumumba asserted this while delivering a speech at The Platform, an annual programme organised by the senior pastor and founder of The Covenant Nation, Poju Oyemade.

Citing biblical examples of how the crowd supported the release of notorious thief Barabbas while calling for the crucifixion of Jesus, the activist said Africans are attracted to thieves.

“Africans, for some reason, are attracted to thieves. Africa, for some reason, is attracted to men and women who can’t serve, and when they are not served, they complain.

“When Africans are told choose you now whom we shall release, Jesus of Nazareth or Barabbas, they say release Barabbas, and when he behaves like Barabbas, they say why are you not behaving like Christ,” Lumumba said.

Naija News understands that Lumumba has once served as director of the Kenyan anti-corruption commission.

Speaking further at the event on Monday, Lumumba berated Africans for electing the worst amongst them to be their leaders, saying, “Africa is only going to realise its potential when in all areas, by dint of choice, we enable our best men and women to serve in different areas.

“Most of Africa is suffering because we do not have democracies. We have kakistocracies, and kakistocracy is government by our very worst. This is what we must deal with, and this is what we must say. Who do we elect into our public offices?” Lumumba asked.

This news platform understands that Lumumba’s assertion is coming at the time the outcome of Nigeria’s last presidential election which Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) was declared the winner by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), is being challenged by opposition parties.

Also, Africa recently witnessed a wave of coups. Military juntas in the last three years have truncated democratic governments in some African countries, including Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Sudan, and most recently, Niger Republic, and Gabon, citing rife corruption, insecurity and increased poverty.

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