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The Lagos State Honourable Commissioner for Health, Prof Akin Abayomi described Covid-19 as a dynamic infection that we are still trying to understand a lot more information around it.

Many concerns have been raised concerning the covid vaccine, Prof Abayomi in an interview on CityTalks with Reuben Abati, provided insights about the Covid-19 Vaccination in Lagos.

The Commissioner mentioned that the flurry of a sudden emerging information on the Social media about the Covid Vaccine, the incident Commander, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Governor of Lagos State called for an emergency meeting, where we started going through the scientific data just to double check all the clinical trials presented.

According to him, “the scientific data did not suggest that there was an excessive risk with administering Astrazeneca, so Mr Governor, Sanwo-olu gave the permission to go ahead, and of cause we are liaising with the National Primary HealthCare Development Agency (NPHCDA) and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) in Nigeria, across and Africa Union.

“We are not acting on our own.

“We are acting within a global scientific network.”

Prof Abayomi voiced that Forty thousand people in Lagos was vaccinated last week.

He disclosed the observation noticed on the Forty thousand people that have been vaccinated.

“We have only seen the initial pain and swelling around the injection side with body pains, a bit of fever, not many cases.

“It is something that Panadol or some anti-inflammatory will take care of, a good night rest and the person will be fine.

“We have one or two faints or collapses but that happens with all vaccinations.

“People are scared of needles.

“There are some chemicals inside the vaccine that perhaps one can react to and that is what we call vasovagal attack or an anaphylactic shock.

“All our personnel are trained, we have adverse event kit, so we’re able to immediately look after participants or vaccine that have these symptoms.

“Nobody has developed a blood clot so far, out of the 40,000 people vaccinated in Lagos, Prof Abayomi said.

The Commissioner for Health said that Lagos was able to set up 88 vaccination centres that was Flag off on Friday at Yaba, LASU, and FMC Ebute Meta and the Flag off was observed by Mr Governor, the Deputy and some key members of the Cabinet.

Prof Abayomi acknowledged the complains by people in the immunization centre in Palomo and the challenges participants are having with the portal.

He expressed apologies and assured Lagosians that everybody will be vaccinated in Lagos

Professor Adesegun Fatusi, Professor of Community Medicine and Public Health, Chaired the Ondo State Inter-Ministerial Committee on Covid-19, and Vice Chancellor, University of Medical Sciences Ondo State discussed about the immunization programme for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Nigerians have also have distrust between the government and the governed and many people are of the view that the Covid-19 is not real, the Immunization roll-out and Committees that have being set up, is seen as a medium to make money.

Prof Fatusi answered the question deep seated in the mind of those in denial as to who will take the vaccines, so that they can be in sync with the rest of the population around the world.

Speaking on the Programme The State of the Nation, CityTalks with Reuben Abati on City105.1 Prof Fatusi mentioned persons that should take these vaccines.

According to him, vaccines should be focused on the risk profile of health workers on the frontline, those in isolation wards, those in accident and emergency wards, people who meet a large number of people everyday are at a high risk of infection and those who are eighteen and above.

“It also focuses on strategic leaders. Giving vaccines to Strategic leaders will be boost the confidence of the people,” he said.

He said that Vaccine has a layer of challenges, that if the governor and those at the local government level takes the vaccine, it will engender the public confidence.

Another category he mentioned is about older people within the age bracket of 60-69, who are classified as those with higher risk of infection as compare to ages 50-59

He added that if anyone has an underlying health conditions, the risk of getting the infection is higher or even dying from Covid-19.

Prof Fatusi also mentioned that the system of vaccinating children, the National Immunization scheme at the State and local Government level are structures we have on ground so that the vaccine can be easily distributed by the National Primary Health Care.

He said that extra steps of quality assurance is taken by the National Primary Health care Development Agency (NPHCDA) so that the vaccine is not leaked in the open market for people to start producing fake.

He echoed that once we don’t coordinate this mechanism, the people will buy fake vaccines, because everybody wants to be vaccinated, the demand is higher than the supply.

Prof Fatusi alluded that if we use the Primary Healthcare system, the question of age, health condition, state will overcome inequity and access to the vaccine.


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