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Chief Ayo Adebanjo, acting National Leader of the pan-Yoruba socio-cultural organisation, Afenifere, has said that the Department of State Service is behaving like a department under a dictatorship.

Adebanjo said this on the Morning Show on Arise Television on Thursday.

According to him, President Muhammadu Buhari is chasing Sunday Adeyemo, aka Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu around but he is negotiating with robbers, armed bandits who are troubling the country making security unstable.

He described the invasion of  Igboho’s house, as undemocratic, stressing that he didn’t know the offence that Igboho has committed for which he is being haunted by the federal government.

Afenifere leader said, “People cannot celebrate Sallah because of insecurity; prices of things are going high because of insecurity. His Department of Security Services (DSS) and other security agencies cannot get to where the bandits are but when it comes to opposition asking legitimately for secession, they are very active. It is very shameful.”

When fielded questions about the arrest of Sunday Igboho was a declaration of war in Yoruba land, Chief Adebanjo said, “The DSS is behaving like a department under a dictatorship. What is his offence? He has been holding meetings in Akure, in Oshogbo and other places, without causing any problem.

“What he did, is it different to what the Scottish Nationalist Party, a party that wanted separation from Britain, having been together since 1707, in fact since 1603, did in the United Kingdom, and now the party says they want to separate, but Boris Johnson has not arrested the leader of the party?

“He has not accused them of a treasonable felony or anything of the sort. In a democratic society, the worst that they can do is to go for a referendum, which they lost narrowly by 55 to 45.

“They are still agitating to have another referendum and they are in the same parliament with Boris Johnson. What criminal offence has Sunday Ighoho committed except that we are in a country under President Buhari’s dictatorial government?
Faulting the National Assembly, Adebanjo said, “Look at the kind of bills they are passing in the parliament, in a democracy and they are talking with pride about their actions.

“They are only disgracing this country by that action because all democratic societies are aware that this kind of thing is not done in a democratic setting.

“The constitution that we have is a fraudulent constitution and I gave my reason and it has not been refuted. Everything causing disharmony today in the country is under the imposed constitution by the military in 1966.

 “There is discrimination, oppression and there is lack of unity because power is concentrated in the centre. We say send us back to the constitution we had at independence.”