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Pasto Ituah Ighodalo, Senoir Pastor of the Trinity House Church, is of the opinion that what Nigerian’s need is a good and competent President.

The clergyman as guest on City Talks with Reuben Abati is that talking about rotational Presidency, we are talking about dividing the pie and not making a bigger pie.

Zoning and rotational presidency has been on the front burner ahead of the 2023 election.

Some have argued that the presidency should be rotated between the North and the South

And some other people have questioned the legality of zoning.

According to their substantive argument, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has no room for zoning or “rotational presidency”. What it provides for in Section 14 (3) is the necessity to reflect Nigeria’s federal character in the composition of the government and its agencies. The aim of the federal character clause, as underscored in Section 14 (2) (c), is to ensure the participation of the people in their government.

Pastor Ighodalo stated that it doesn’t matter to him, where the gentleman or lady comes from, as long as they are competent; they are welcome.

He mentioned that “It is an unfortunate reality where some sections of Nigerians for whatever fear or anxiety or whatever the British may have instilled into their minds, feel that except they are in certain key positions they will not be reassured that they have a stake in Nigeria or they feel they may be marginalized.

“Nobody should feel that way and if any President no matter where he is coming from, marginalizes any part of Nigeria or any person in Nigeria, then that person is not fit for purpose. We should be looking for person that is fit for purpose.”

He blamed the root cause of agitation on competence.

According to him, “Nigerians are feeling a little bit agitated that the Fulani wants to dominate almost everything.

“But the truth of it is that, if the northerners or Fulani have shown competence, and a lot of equity in the distribution of things, and not seem to have shown themselves as wanting to favour a group over the other, nobody will be complaining.

“If most of the appointments they have made had been based on competence and not necessarily parochialism or showing preferences here and there nobody will complain, but it is clear that most of the appointments that have come through; have not really being based on competence.”