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Kashim Shettima, the vice-president-elect, says there is no plot by the incoming administration of Bola Tinubu to Islamise Nigeria.

Speaking on Saturday at the inauguration lecture in Abuja, Shettima said Tinubu, the president-elect, who has not Islamised his family cannot do so to the country.

In the build-up to the February elections, the issue of religion elicited varied reactions after Tinubu, a Muslim from the south-west, picked another Muslim – Shettima from the north-east – as his running mate.

The Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket sparked controversy.


Reacting to the Muslim-Muslim ticket argument, Shettima said he deliberately picked an Igbo man, who is a Catholic, as his chief security officer and a northern Christian as his aide de camp for the purpose of togetherness.

‘I was a child of necessity, there is no Islamisation agenda. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a Muslim who is married to a Christian, not only a Christian but a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God,” he said.

“Someone who has not Islamised his family, people are alluding that he has the intention to Islamise the nation.


“Politics is about perception. As we begin the formation of a new administration, I deliberately picked an Igbo man, a Catholic, to be my chief security officer.

“For the purpose of inclusivity and togetherness, again I deliberately picked a northern Christian to be my ADC. So the so-called founder of Boko Haram is going to be protected by….”

Speaking further, the former Borno governor said the incoming Tinubu administration understands the seriousness of the work ahead, adding that they are ready to serve Nigerians.

“We are to serve. We are to listen. We are here to be held accountable. We are not sent on an evangelical mission. Therefore, like every mortal, we may stumble here and there. None of these mistakes could be intentional,” he added.


“We shall never be oblivious of the impermanence of this power and we acknowledge that we shall be judged by man and God.”


President Muhammadu Buhari will make a farewell broadcast as President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces on Sunday, May 28, at 7 am.

Television, radio stations and other electronic media outlets are enjoined to hook up to the network services of the Nigerian Television Authority and Radio Nigeria for the broadcast.


Femi Adesina

Special Adviser to the President

(Media & Publicity)


Former Deputy National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, weekend, x-rayed the outgoing administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and declared that he has not lived up to expectations.

The PDP leader, in a chat with select journalists at this Ikoyi office, also noted that in all sectors of the country, the Buhari administration has not impacted positively the lives of Nigerians.

His words: “My personal assessment is that he failed, not completely in every sector, but if you do an examination and say you must have a minimum of 33%, then you can go to the next class, but they did not attain that 33%.

I can give them maybe about 5%, even the 5% requires a lot of retrospection. The most important thing you must guarantee to your people, as a government, is the security of lives and property, who is safe now?

“So it is very very disheartening and heartbreaking that he failed in his number one job, which is to guarantee security of lives and property.”

“You know when he was coming in, oga (Buhari) was telling us, I would fight corruption, I will secure the lives and properties of the people, I will do this, I will do that, all kinds of promises.

“So let’s put those promises now into his departure because that’s what will be written on the pages of history. Whatever a leader does during his time, it is on the pages of history”, he said.

Asked whether he would work with the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu if called upon, George said: “There is nothing personal, this country trained me and I have to give back.”

On his reluctance to endorse Tinubu, he said: “I have forgiven him, but u cannot forget.”

Aisha Buhari, wife of outgoing President Muhammadu Buhari, has revealed that his husband was not mentally prepared for the task ahead of him, saying that she was aware that he actually needed help.

The Firsl Lady said she was relentless in her support for her husband and prioritised the welfare of Nigerians.

The president’s wife said she openly criticised decisions that were “taken for the interest of one person and not for the general public’s interests”.

Aisha made this revelation in an interview with The Sun published on Saturday, while speaking on her time as first lady and the performance of her husband in office.

She said some decision-makers were oblivious to the fact that her husband was elected because of the love Nigerians have for him.

Aisha said, “So, I told myself we cannot afford that, I just knew my husband needed help,” she added.

“That is why I am here as a First Lady and as a wife. I don’t like people who want to make money to rubbish the image of the family, the hard-earned name of my husband, you know, and then we keep quiet and look at the person.

“So that’s why I normally step in and speak up.”

Aisha, however, said President Buhari fulfilled half of his campaign promises.

She said insecurity has been significantly tackled under the administration of her husband.

The First Lady said, “Compared to what we met on the ground, he has done wonderfully well. But if one is to compare with the zeal that we came into power, we have achieved 50 percent in all the areas captured in his campaign promises. Especially in the areas of works like road constructions, bridges, you know, infrastructure in general. He has made a lot of difference.”

On security, she scored the president 70 percent, noting that most kidnappings were perpetrated by family members for mischievous purposes.

“I think maybe we scored 70 percent on security. I say so because before now, there were a lot of barricades, a lot of roadblocks, but now there are no more roadblocks, nothing,” Aisha said.

“Even the kidnapping that is happening now is being organised among the family members. It is a deliberate thing, you know. And then the insurgency or the banditry may be organised by some local people, you know. But if there is no connivance, I can say that we have achieved 90 percent on security.”

According to Aisha, the president “received Nigeria intact, and he is going to hand over Nigeria intact”.

Federal Government on Saturday conferred citizenship to no fewer than 385 foreign nationals across the continent of the world by naturalization and registration.

The government has also approved new pathways to permanent residency for eligible foreign nationals to be executed by the Minister of Interior who is vested with the power to execute the new guidelines for conferment of citizenship on foreign nationals.

President Muhammadu Buhari who was represented by the Vice-President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, conferred the citizenship on the eligible 385 applicants for the Nigerian citizenship at a ceremony in Abuja.

Those granted Nigerian citizenship included 8 Brutish, 6 Americans, 8 Isreali, and 187 Lebanese amongst others.

Minister of Interior Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, in his remarks, spoke on the new pathways for conferment of citizenship of foreign nationals

According to him, “His Ministry had sought and got the approval of the Federal Executive Council to execute new pathways to permanent residency for eligible foreign nationals.

“The Minister of Interior has therefore been vested with the power to: Execute guidelines for Permanent Residency for foreign nationals of African descent who desired to make Nigeria their homeland through the ‘Privilege of Return’.

“Execute and clarify existing guidelines to provide Permanent Residence to foreign nationals who desired to invest in Nigeria in line with established guidelines

“Execute and clarify guidelines to grant Permanent Residence to foreign nationals who had demonstrated exceptional talents, knowledge and skills in rare fields of Science, Technology, Medicine, Engineering, the Arts, Sports and other areas as might be determined from time to time.

“Execute guidelines to grant Permanent Residence to male foreign nationals married to Nigerian women for a minimum period of one year”

Aregbesola took the audience through history of conferment of Nigerian citizenship on foreigners since inception, disclosing that the first person to be naturalised as a Nigerian was Miss. Theresia Chidiac of No 16A, Manchester Road, Kano, Nigeria on 18th July, 1964.

This was premised on Section 7(1) of the then 1963 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which separates, by definition, a Nigerian from non-Nigerian.

“Today’s conferment ceremony will be granted to 385 foreigners who have gone through diligent checks by the relevant agencies of state as stipulated by the Constitution and have fulfilled all statutory and administrative requirements.

“I need to state that the acquisition of the Nigerian citizenship is a great privilege and not everyone that applies becomes successful. However, that we have a high number of foreigners willing to become Nigerians is an indication that the ongoing efforts of the Federal Government to make Nigeria a destination for investment and peaceful coexistence is beginning to yield good fruits as we continue to welcome foreigners to do business here who, after interacting with us, are now desirous of becoming one of us.

“I must state also that it is under our administration that the largest number of foreigners have been naturalised. Between 2011 and 2013,a total of 266 foreigners became Nigerians. In 2017, 335 people took up Nigerian citizenship. But last year, 286 foreigners and today at this ceremony, 385, making a total of 671 have acquired Nigerian citizenship.

“I am still not pleased with this figure. In Europe and America, thousands of foreigners are inducted into citizenship every year. They do this to attract youths and people in their prime who would like to contribute to the development of their countries. Let’s face it. There is a limit to your expectations from a non-citizen and it is reasonable to expect an average person to be more loyal to his or her country.

“The bane of the smooth pathway to Nigerian citizenship however is the constitutional requirement of continuous residency in Nigeria for 15 years.

“This is a huge disincentive, considering that in the United States and most European countries, it is five years. Some of these countries have made a habit of snatching young and resourceful brains – who after four years of schooling and working for just one year – through easy pathways, to obtain quality migration to their countries,” he said.

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The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) has dismissed the rumours in the media that its presidential candidate, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, is planning to dump the party for the All Progressive Congress (APC).


Kwankwaso recently met with the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in Paris, France, where the duo discussed several national issues and was this week in Niger State to commission projects. After the 2023 elections, NNPP has a total of 38 House of Assembly members-elect, 18 House of Representatives members-elect, 2 senators-elect and a governor-elect.

But the national publicity secretary of the NNPP, Dr Agbo Major, while addressing a press conference in Abuja on Saturday, said Kwankwaso will never dump the party for any other parties as he is a pan-political party politician whose relationship cut across various political platforms. He added that Kwankwaso and elected party members believe in the principles, agenda, programs and manifestos of the party.

Agbo said as the leader of the party, Kwankwaso believes in Nigeria’s unity and will continue to relate with other leading politicians across the country. He however said that NNPP has made it difficult for any politicians that contested and won on the party’s platform to cross to other parties.

“We have always said that what divides politicians is the campaign period. After campaigns, it becomes one country. You understand what I’m talking about and that is what is killing us in Africa and our democracy. If you go to advance democracies, people are divided temporarily during campaigns and after campaigns, the agenda becomes one and that is the country.

“He (Kwankwaso) is one man who is a politician across all levels. He has had stints with all these political parties in the past and his friends are still there. Supposing I know to tell you that going to Niger State to even chair the inaugural lecture for the incoming governor of Niger is an arrangement to bring the governor across to NNPP it will sound funny to you. So it is a two-way thing.

“But I can tell you that our presidential candidate is a leader of the party. This is the party he believes in. This is a party his movements that he came in believes in. Don’t be afraid he is not going anywhere.

“But as I said he is one man whose relationship with people cut across more political platforms. You will see more of that. Like yesterday (Friday), he was with the governor of Kaduna State commissioning about four or five projects. The other day he was in Rivers, a PDP-led State where he also commissioned projects. Maybe by the time the governors are inaugurated, we will make arrangements for him to go to Abia, a Labour Party state so that you can see that he is a pan-political party politician. The party has taken its firm roots. There is no cause to be afraid. We are good to go. We are looking at 2027.”

Meanwhile, the party has said that the swearing-in of the governor-elect of Kano State, Abba Kabir Yusuf, on Monday, May 29, 2023, will herald democracy at its finest in Kano as it will bring in trust, effective leadership, responsibility, equity, competence, justice, patriotism, sanctity and dignity of life as summed up in the NNPP motto.

“They (the elected representatives) should reenact Engineer Musa Kwankwaso’s era in the state which was characterised by massive reforms, development and provision of infrastructure, agriculture, education, transportation, health, housing, security, sports, wealth creation and social amenities.

“The success of the party in Kano State will expand its frontiers across the nation in the people’s quest for a new, better and prosperous Nigeria. All eyes are on NNPP’s government in Kano State to point the way forward to the nation as the foremost party in Nigeria. We must justify the confidence the people reposed in our party anchored on good governance.”

The party also called on the security agents to be alive to their constitutional duties to crush terrorism, tackle insurgency, militancy, banditry, armed robbery and kidnapping in the country.”

— Urges Tinubu’s administration to embrace diversity



The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Rt. Reverend Mathew Hassan Kukah, on Saturday, declared that no country, business, family, or organization has a future if it doesn’t figure out how to manage diversity.

Speaking at the inaugural lecture on the topic, “Religious tolerance and inclusiveness”, the Catholic Bishop described diversity as a science, a complex country of great possibilities.

The fiery cleric challenged Nigeria’s political leaders especially the in-coming administration of Bola Tinubu to rise up to the challenge of uniting different ethnic groups and identities in the country, adding religion, ethnicity, and gender are not the problem but rather how to manage the nation’s diversities. 

He said Nigerians are suffering from various levels of multi-dimensional poverty, saying that poverty doesn’t discriminate between religions, tribes and other identities

According to him, “I will also end by saying right now 133 million Nigerians are suffering from various levels of multi-dimensional poverty.

“I have not put up the light and seen the part where Muslims are living that they have light, while others for not. I have not seen the part of the country where Muslims are eating and the rest of us are not. So we must come to terms with the fact that we are not bleeding.

“We are not suffering because we are Christians or Muslims, but we are in a country that is malfunctioning. How to make that country work, for the rich, for the poor, for the aged, and for everybody is a challenge.

“It is not a challenge that everybody can win but I think it’s a challenge that a government that appreciates it doesn’t have all the answers, must come to terms with the fact that there is a way of looking for her finding answers.


“I would like to just end by saying and I’ve made the point very clearly, in the struggle with the problems of Nigeria, I remain exceptionally optimistic. I travelled the world. People say to me, well, where do you find this courage to say that Nigeria is working? Okay, it may not be working, but this is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I am not being flippant.

“When I went to the United States of America to study, I preached in a church but the parish priest said to me, listen to me, you speak with such eloquence and I like you, we will get you a green card, you can settle here in America. I looked at him, I said, you know, this God is a wonderful God. You are giving me a green card and my passport is actually a green passport.

“So, the young Nigerians leaving our country, I always say to them, no, I’m not worried. Let them go. It’s for the good of the country.

“The challenge for us as Africans is to think the way the Asians have thought that you can go to Europe, you can go to America with a purpose. But the purpose of course means coming back to develop your country but it also means that that country must create an environment in which you can feel confident to come and present the gift that God has given you.

“I have two young men in America who just finished a prestigious university, I say when are you coming home? They say Bishop coming home to do what? We do not have an uncle who is a senator, we don’t have anybody so coming to Nigeria to do what? 

“Vice President-elect, the challenge for you is to make this country believable, livable, credible so that all of us together can serve and build a great nation.”

Also speaking, the Sultan of Sokoto Abubakar III, Sa’adu Abubakar, expressed gratitude to God for witnessing the seventh consecutive democratic transition of power in the country, without any major hitch or crisis.

“This in itself is a significant achievement, in which both the winners and those who did not win. I don’t call them losers. Those who won and those who do not will share in the credit.”

He drew the attention of the incoming administration to levels of poverty and ignorance in the land only made worse by the rising population of Nigeria, which is estimated by the United Nations to be well over 400 million by 2050. Which will make Nigeria the third largest populated country in the world after India and China.

The monarch said, “As political leaders, you will need not only think of the next election but also and more importantly, think of the next generation.


“I leave you with these thoughts and pray for God’s guidance, wisdom and patience for leaders to take our country to the highest height. And we have peace and stability in our great country Nigeria.”

The planned inauguration of Abia Governor-elect, Dr Alex Otti, on Monday, May 29, was Saturday solidified following the suspension of the judgement of the Federal High Court sitting in Kano, which last week, purportedly voided his candidacy.

The Court of Appeal Kano, suspended the judgment of a Federal High Court that purportedly nullified the primaries that produced the Labour Party (LP) candidates in Abia State.

The court presided over by Justice Mbaba further granted the application of Dr. Otti to appeal as an interested party while suspending the judgment of the Federal High Court pending the hearing and determination of the appeal.

The Appeal Court order was made in respect of the motion for leave filed by the Abia Governor-Elect to appeal as an interested party against the judgment of the Kano Division of Federal High Court delivered on 18th May 2023 in Suit No. FHC/KN/CS/107/2023.

Similarly, the Appellate Court granted an order for stay and suspension of the judgment of the lower court delivered by Justice Yunusa J. pending the hearing and determination of the appeal for which leave has been granted.

Otti had in his response to his purported sack last week, accused the outgoing Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Abia State of masterminding the judgement, an allegation the party flatly denied.

In a surprising twist, a man has brought his marital woes to a local court in Lusaka, Zambia, stating that he no longer desires his wife, Hilda Mleya, due to her extraordinary beauty.

Arnold Masuka, the 40-year-old complainant, made this unconventional claim, leaving both legal authorities and onlookers astounded by the nature of his plea.

According to a report from Zambia Observer, Arnold has initiated divorce proceedings, attributing his decision to his wife’s captivating beauty, which has caused him countless sleepless nights.

The situation has escalated to the point where Arnold lives in constant fear, hesitant to leave Hilda unattended or even go to work, as he is plagued by the persistent worry that she may be enticed away by other men.

Expressing his surprise, the Chief clerk of the court, Mr Chenjerai Chireya, acknowledged that this case presented a novel situation for him, as he had never encountered a claim of this nature during his tenure.

Arnold’s distress has driven him to seek resolution through the legal system, driven by the realization that Hilda is the most beautiful woman he has ever encountered, originating from Gokwe, Zimbabwe.

During the court proceedings, Arnold voiced his concern over Hilda’s constant smiles, fearing that her radiant demeanour may attract unwanted attention from other men.

The intensity of her beauty has become a source of anguish for Arnold, leading him to pursue divorce as a means of escaping this internal turmoil.

Chief Chireya, presiding over the matter, suggested that the two families involved should endeavour to reach a settlement, facilitating a resolution to this unique case.

The unexpected circumstances surrounding the divorce proceedings have left many observers perplexed, underscoring the impact that personal perceptions of beauty can have on intimate relationships.

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Yeni Kuti, daughter of afrobeat pioneer, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti has said the late singer was not a good father.

She, however, said the late musician was an icon and a role model.

She stated this in a recent chat with media personality, Chude Jideonwo.

Yeni said she never confronted her dad about not being a good father, but the late singer and his first son, Femi were always at loggerheads.

She said, “He [Fela] was not quite a good father. No [I never told him that he isn’t a good father]. Maybe Femi, not me. Femi and Fela used to have battles. And Femi will give it to him straight.

“Shola and I, we were like timid. You know, they said, ‘When two elephants are fighting, the grass will keep quiet.

“I can remember one day, Fela just came and said, ‘three of you are useless children’. Femi just said, ‘for what?’ Femi just started facing him and then they started facing each other. Shola and I will say, ‘it’s okay’. Fela will say, ‘No’. And Femi just said, ‘let him go’.

“I don’t think I have ever had that kind of confrontation with my father. Maybe because I was a woman.”

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