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Elon Musk teases XMail as alternative to Gmail


Elon Musk, owner of X (formerly Twitter), has revealed his latest venture: XMail, a new email service that could challenge Google’s dominance in the market.

Musk announced his social media platform, X, where he confirmed that XMail is “coming” soon. He did not provide further details about the service’s features, launch date, or pricing but hinted that it would be integrated with the X app.

The news comes amid a wave of panic among Gmail users, alarmed by a hoax image claiming Google was shutting down its popular email service by August 2024. The image, which looked like an official email from Google, went viral on X and other social media platforms, causing confusion and outrage among millions of users.

Google quickly debunked the rumor, stating that Gmail is “here to stay” and that it had recently updated its interface to make it more user-friendly and colorful. However, some users remained skeptical and expressed interest in trying out XMail as an alternative.

XMail is one of many products that Musk has launched on his revamped social media platform, which he acquired from Twitter in 2022. Earlier this year, he introduced ChatGPT, a conversational AI assistant that uses natural language processing to generate realistic and engaging responses. Some users have praised ChatGPT as a fun and innovative communication method, while others have criticized it as a potential source of misinformation and manipulation.

Musk has also stated that his ultimate goal for X is to make it an “everything app,” a one-stop shop for all online services and activities. He has hinted at developing other products such as XPay, a digital payment system, and XTube, a video-sharing platform.

Some experts believe that XMail could be a game-changer in the email service industry, which Gmail has dominated for over a decade. According to Demand Sage, a market research firm, Gmail has over 1.8 billion active users worldwide as of 2024.

Rhea Freeman, a social media strategist, told MailOnline that XMail “might happen” and that it would be “interesting to see the uptake.”

“Elon has made huge changes to Twitter and doesn’t seem to have public opinion on side, so whether people will trust X with their email management will be something to watch,” she said.

She added that XMail could have advantages over Gmail, such as being more secure, customizable, and integrated with other X products.

However, she also warned that XMail could face challenges, such as convincing users to switch from their existing email accounts, complying with data protection regulations, and competing with other email services such as Outlook, Yahoo, and ProtonMail.

It needs to be clarified whether XMail is being developed by xAI, a company that Musk founded in 2023 to focus on artificial intelligence research and development. xAI has been involved in some of Musk’s other projects, such as Neuralink, a brain-computer interface, and Starlink, a satellite internet service.

Musk has yet to reveal when XMail will be available to the public, but some users are eager to sign up for it. Others, however, are more cautious and prefer to stick with Gmail, which they trust and rely on for personal and professional communication.

First Word: There is hunger in the land. Prices of food items are skyrocketing daily resulting in increased number of Nigerians who cannot afford food. The Nigerian government needs to act beyond providing food stamps. Short term measures should be replaced by longer term approaches to solve the hunger problem in Nigeria which in part is caused by food terrorism nuanced with the present insecurity experienced in Nigeria. To stem the tides of insecurity as a long-term approach to solving hunger, there is need for the government and law enforcement to clamp down on those who make inciteful statements that have the tendency to stir up violence.

A Crime Punishable by Law

Recently, a video of an Islamic Cleric speaking in Hausa against Nigeria's First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu for being a Christian went viral on social media. In the video, the cleric declared that the First Lady deserves to die for not just being a Christian but also a pastor. According to him, the First Lady is not the kind of “people of the book” that Prophet Muhammed said a Muslim man could marry. In Hausa, he said: "Now, Tinubu, his wife is an infidel. As an infidel, she is a leader among the infidels. “God's judgement says she must be killed. She's a pastor . . . a leader of infidels (Christians); Allah says they must be killed . . . " Publicly calling for the assassination of a First Lady is a crime punishable under Nigerian law which prohibits any threat to kill or do bodily harm to a public official - in this case the President - or his family. This is not only an issue of religious intolerance but of public order and national security. Although the cleric in a subsequent video, has offered an apology for his incendiary remarks, the reality is that the brazen disregard and levity with which the lives of Christians are treated in Nigeria is a serious threat to national unity and internal security. It is strange that Christians who believe in God and are followers of Christ, something recognized in the Koran as people of the book will be referred to as arne or infidels by some Muslims. In reality, prescribing death warrants on innocent people in the name of religion is anti-religious and goes against the grain of any godly belief system. This manifestation of religious bigotry and intolerance are hallmarks of radical extremism. It MUST be stopped through constitutional/legal means. Our collective silence on such matters is our collective doom as a nation and we become a laughing stock of nations.

Why the Silence?

The recent threat on the life of Nigeria’s First lady for the singular reason that she is a Christian, married to a Muslim, who is moderate and a nationalistic leader should be condemned by all well-meaning and progressive Nigerians. The Muslim community and leaders in particular cannot afford to remain silent. There needs to be a major release by the Sultan, who commands the respect of many both Muslims and Christians. Why is there yet to be a word from MURIC which claims to be fighting for justice. Why has there not been total condemnation by JNI? Even though notable Muslim voices such as Hon. Mohammed Bello El-Rufai and Sen. Shehu Sani have condemned the cleric’s pronouncements and called for his prosecution. Is it a crime for her to be a Pastor? Recall that this dignified citizen of Nigeria, our First Lady, was at some point a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. How audacious for a cleric to resort to such deadly tactics, dressed in religious bigotry, to intimidate a public official of such high standing! The cleric is also heard saying the Muslim-Muslim ticket that brought President Bola Tinubu to power was a scam. Furthermore, he accuses the President of not being able to convert his wife. And so, what? Is the ability to convert a non-Muslim wife to Islam a qualification for becoming President of Nigeria? Is that what the Muslim-Muslim ticket is all about? Well, I have had one or two occasions to listen to both the President and the Vice President speak and they sounded both as if they want to work for a better Nigeria. They claim to be ready to serve this nation and we need to give them the chance to prove themselves. Religious extremism exhibits ignorance and selfish ambition, and will lead us nowhere, except towards anarchy and chaos.

Therefore, as a Social Justice and Peace Advocate group, we condemn this unprovoked call for the death of the First Lady in its entirety. Such flagrant threats to public safety should not be ignored, or there will be no Nigeria as we know it. Clerics who resort to such extremist ideologies and tactics should be condemned within Christendom and more frequently within the Muslim community where such has been rampant. In this instance, it is the responsibility of Islamic leaders not to allow such voices to go uncensored within their fold.

An Affront to Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB)

Many problems are currently plaguing Nigeria. One is the total disregard for Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB). Due to Nigeria’s multifaceted complexities, the disregard for FoRB has ripple effects that have resulted in violence and have a tendency to spiral out of control, if care is not taken. Consequently, we declare that the Federal Government must take this threat seriously and deploy its legitimate instruments to ensure that nothing happens to Senator Pastor Oluremi Tinubu.

Our country is currently battling a protracted insurgency that has lasted for over a decade. FoRB issues such as this must be handled within the full ambit of the law. Freedom of religion or belief is a fundamental human right which Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees everyone. Chapter 4, Section 38 of the Nigerian constitution also gives every Nigerian the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. To protect the rights of everyone, the government must be seen upholding the rule of law without prejudice or preference. In doing so, government must be bold enough to call a spade a spade. Failure to do so had caused impunity to abound. When religious clerics like the one in the video make such outrageous public remarks, they promote disaffection and ill-will, and give their followers reason to perpetuate mayhem and violence in total disregard for FoRB. Their hate speech and politically-motivated religious rhetoric is a threat to social cohesion and peaceful coexistence because it breeds religious intolerance and disregard for human dignity and life. Such religious leaders are not patriots, as they do not have the interest of the nation at heart.


1. Leading religious leaders, through NIREC, should meet over this threat to the First lady. This should be addressed and tackled in the open and not through a back door approach.

2. Mr President should give priority to peace building and conflict transformation approach on a national scale.

3. A National Peace and Reconciliation Commission should be set up to promote peaceful coexistence among Nigerians.

4. Respect for Freedom of Religion and Belief (FoRB) should be elevated to the level of national discourse and social action as a conversation, practice and structural framework.

5. The public use of words that depict religious intolerance such as arne (infidel) and kafir (pagan) amount to hate speech and should be outlawed not only in our Criminal and Penal Codes, but also in our Constitution.


Religious diversity should not be a source of grief for Nigerians. True religion should be an instrument of peace not destruction and death. Like Maya Angelou said, “We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.” She added: “Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.” And as the current UN General Secretary, Antonio Guterres, said: “We have to transcend our differences to transform our future.” Nigerian religious and political leaders need to instill these social and religious truths into our national consciousness and discourse in word and practice. The Revd Dr Gideon Para-Mallam (President and CEO

…As EKSG moves to support households, formal and informal sectors

Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji, has approved a set of carefully designed relief programmes to alleviate the hardship being experienced by the people of the state in the face of the current global economic downturn.

These programmes include the payment of one month salary arrears to State and Local Government workers totalling over N2.7 billion. With this payment, the Government has cleared the salary arrears owed to State Government workers, and will ensure the arrears owed Local Government workers are cleared this year.

The Governor also approved an increase of N600 million per month in the subvention of autonomous institutions including the Judiciary and all tertiary institutions. This is to allow the institutions implement the wage award being implemented for State and Local Government workers.

In the same vein, Governor Oyebanji also approved the payment of two months pension arrears owed State and Local Government workers totalling N1.5 billion, as well as N100 million monthly gratuity payment to state pensioners and an increment of the current N50 million monthly gratuity to local Government pensioners to N100 million. (This brings total monthly gratuity payment to N200 million).

The State Government has also committed the sum of N1 billion to improve food production, especially to embark on land preparation, driven by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security’s tractorization subsidy scheme, and an input supply programme to support small scale farmers. Similarly, the Government is also committing a whopping sum of N1.2 billion it recently got as first tranche of the World Bank-financed Livestock Productivity and Resilience Support ( L-PRES) Project to transform the livestock subsector.

The money would be spent on empowering livestock farmers, boosting livestock productivity as well as creating a conducive environment for youths and private sector involvement in livestock businesses. This will include revamping all veterinary clinics across the local government areas and the state veterinary hospital; development of poultry sector across the value chain from production to processing; Feed formulation and artificial insemination (AI) training and support, among others.

Additionally, the State is also launching a N500 million loan programme in partnership with Access Bank to support medium and small scale businesses. This is in addition to N1 billion cooperative fund to provide low interest working capital for cooperatives and members. These programmes will ensure that small scale businesses, a critical part of the State economy, also benefit from the relief programme, and help kick start the economy.

The final set of the programmes include a continuation of the conditional cash transfer to low income households as well as the CARES programme which among other focuses on livelihood support, labour-intensive support, technology support for small businesses and support for agric produce and for which the sum N3.5 billion is earmarked.

It also include the free bus service for students and workers within Ado-Ekiti and Ikere-Ekiti, which will now be extended to Ekiti State University (EKSU) and other major towns; and the distribution of food items to the 177 wards of the State being coordinated by the Local Government Councils and Community Development Associations.

All these are in addition to ongoing infrastructure projects across the State, boosting power supply to critical areas including connecting the EKSU Campus to the IPP; which will also help lower the cost of logistics- a big driver of commodity prices; the free malaria treatment for elderly citizens and children as well as free delivery for pregnant women at all primary health care centres across the state.

Governor Oyebanji assured the people of the state of his administration’s commitment to the welfare and wellbeing of the citizens, urging them to cooperate with government at the local, state and federal levels as concerted efforts are being made not only to cushion the effect of the economic situation, but to grow the economy in line with the shared prosperity agenda of the administration and the renewed hope agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Olayinka Oyebode
Special Adviser, Media to the Governor

Nigeria's GDP growth fell to 3.1% in 2022 - NBS


Despite Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rising above 3 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2023, experts have stated that the rising price of goods and commodities is pushing more Nigerians into poverty.

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) disclosed that the economy grew by 3.46% in the fourth quarter of 2023 having slowed to 2.54% in the third quarter.

The NBS, in its latest report, stated that the Q4 GDP pushed the average 2023 GDP to 2.74% In 2023.

Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew averagely by 2.74% which was lower than the 3.10% the economy recorded in 2022.

The report showed that the performance of the GDP in the fourth quarter of 2023 was driven mainly by the services sector, which recorded a growth of 3.98% and contributed 56.55% to the aggregate GDP; while the agriculture sector grew by 2.10%, from the growth of 2.05% recorded in the fourth quarter of 2022.

“In the quarter under review, aggregate GDP stood at N65.9trn in nominal terms. This performance is higher when compared to the fourth quarter of 2022 which recorded aggregate GDP of N56.7trn, indicating a year-on-year nominal growth of 16.12%.”

Oil production surges to 2-year high

The report indicated that oil production rose to an average of 1.55m barrels per day (mbpd) in the fourth quarter of 2023, highest since the third of 2021.

It said the daily oil production of 1.55 million was higher than the daily average production of 1.34mbpd recorded in the same quarter of 2022 by 0.21mbpd and higher than the third quarter of 2023 production volume of 1.45 mbpd by 0.10mbpd.

On the other hand, the non-oil sector grew by 3.07%, which is lower by 1.37% points compared to the rate recorded in the same quarter of 2022 and 0.32% points higher than the third quarter of 2023.

It went on to say the agriculture sector grew by 14.94% year-on-year in nominal terms in Q4 2023, showing a decrease of 3.74% points from the same quarter of 2022.

Nigeria moving towards strata of poor country – Expert

Commenting on the GDP report, a financial expert and senior partner at SPM Professionals, Paul Alaje, noted that the Nigerian economy is far worse today when compared to 2021 or 2019.

Alaje pointed out that the situation had worsened and that the country could no longer be labelled a middle-income country but a poor country “because when you divide the real GDP by the exchange rate, it will give you less than $200bn. Where were we as of 2022? We were close to $500bn, which means more than half of the economy of Nigeria has disappeared into devaluation policies.”

He noted that despite the last seven months seeing income remain the same or increased, the rate at which commodity prices had increased was far more than the income that people were earning.

“What it means is that the purchasing power has significantly battered, and when the purchasing power is battered in a country that is poor, with high level of insecurity, high inflation and poor exchange rate, people will become poor, deprived and hungry.”

He said already, the economy was weak in 2022, thus, the comparison of 2023 with 2022 showed the economy further tanked.

A fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants of England and Wales, Alhaji Kabiru Ahmad, said while the economy improved, the agricultural sector did not do more owing to insecurity.

He said: “There should be a kind of producer price that will be a benchmark for trade in the agricultural commodity which is absent currently. You go to the market and the price is based on what the market brings. Before, at the end of any farming season, there will be an announcement on how much each commodity will be sold so that the farmer will know what he will get in the market.”

JUST IN: CSO Begins Protest In Edo Over Economic Hardship


A mass protest is ongoing on the streets of Benin City, the capital city of Edo State, organized by Civil Society Organizations (CSO), over the prevailing economic hardship in the country.

Naija News understands that the members of these CSOs stormed the streets displaying various placards, including ones that read “Put an End to Economic Hardship” and “Federal Government, Address the Hunger Crisis in Nigeria Immediately.”

The latest demonstration in Edo follows a similar protest by residents of Ibadan, Oyo State capital, who also voiced their concerns regarding the economic challenges they are facing.

Earlier, a human rights group known as the “Take It Back Movement” also organized a protest in Lagos State to denounce the exorbitant food prices and the overall high cost of living in the nation.

It is worth noting that this protest in Lagos occurred despite the warning issued by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Adegoke Fayoade, on Sunday.

Naija News reports that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has reiterated its commitment to organizing a protest starting tomorrow (Tuesday).

The NLC made the announcement on February 16, stating that the protest would take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The reason behind this protest is the alleged failure of the government to fulfil the agreements made on October 2, 2023, after the removal of the fuel subsidy.

This decision comes after a 14-day ultimatum given to the Federal Government to address the prevailing hardships.

Iyabo Ojo reacts as Lizzy Anjorin fails to show up in court after getting served [VIDEO]


Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Iyabo Ojo has reacted after Lizzy Anjorin failed to show up in court for their hearing.

A video shared by the actress on her Instagram page minutes ago reveals that Lizzy Anjorin did not show up for the court hearing with the said evidence in her possession.

Iyabo Ojo and her lawyer who spoke in the video disclosed that the case has been adjourned till the 10th of April and the court will be serving another order to her colleague.

The mother of two also mocked Lizzy Anjorin that the new order will be pasted everywhere on her wall to bring to her remembrance the date of the hearing, if she fails to accept it. Iyabo Ojo captioned the video:

“April 10th is round the corner……. the court will be serving you once again, Liz, and this time, the court has given the order for it to be pasted everywhere on your wall if you don’t accept it ……. this court se, we must go and you must bring all your evidence ???? by force by fire”


Months back, it was reported that Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin stirred the internet by consistently washing their dirty linen publicly.


Iyabo Ojo had shared a video where she was mimicking and mocking Lizzy Anjorin humorously. Lizzy, obviously offended by this went on to reveal some intimate details about Iyabo Ojo, accusing her of promiscuity and being Gistlover, amongst other things.

Following the allegations, Iyabo Ojo threatened a legal action against Lizzy, demanding a public apology or risk paying N500 million for her libelous publication and if her terms were not met, be ready to be sued for N1 billion.

Their fight escalated when Iyabo Ojo made a mockery of Lizzy Anjorin after he was accused of stealing N90k at a jewelry market in Lagos.

Defending herself, Lizzy debunked the reports and blamed it on people like Iyabo trying to set her up.


Watch Iyabo Ojo and her lawyer speak in front of the courthouse below:

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Hardship: Swallow Your Pride And Begin To Import Food - TUC Tells FG


The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has told the federal government to put aside the national pride of striving to achieve local food sufficiency and immediately begin importing food.

The TUC stressed that it is a population that is alive that can celebrate the gains and beauty of any government policy.

Speaking on behalf of the congress, the TUC President, Festus Osifo, during a press conference in Abuja on Monday, said Nigerians are hungry and battling economic hardship, so it is time for the federal government to begin the importation of food in order to mitigate the soaring prices of food across the country.

According to him, Nigerians have never witnessed this level of hardship before, even during military regimes, adding that it is time for the government to jettison policies that are not effective and get capable hands to man the affairs of the country.

“Nigerians must live to see tomorrow before we can understand how beautiful a government policy is. The national pride of striving to achieve food sufficiency locally should be temporarily relaxed. Governments at all levels should immediately purchase sufficient quantities of food items from different parts of the world and share them with vulnerable Nigerians.

“Importing food abroad at this point will assist to reduce the hyper-inflation of food in the country. FG should allow importation of food items for Nigerians consumption within the next two weeks,” Osifo submitted.

The TUC President further called on President Bola Tinubu to, without considering partisanship, ethnicity or tribal issues, strengthen the economic management team of his administration and get them to develop homegrown solutions to the hardship facing the country.

Weep not for Ekweremadu and others — Opinion — The Guardian Nigeria News –  Nigeria and World News


Former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, has thanked Nigerians for standing in solidarity with him during his travails in the United Kingdom.

Announcing the development, Ekweremadu’s successor and the Senate Minority Whip, Senator Osita Ngwu, detailed that the former Deputy Senate president thanked Nigerians from all works of life for their prayers and support.

Naija News reports that Ngwu stated that the former deputy senate president extended his greetings when he visited him in the United Kingdom.

In a statement issued on Monday in Abuja, the lawmaker representing Enugu West Senatorial District said Ekweremadu, who is currently serving a jail term abroad for organ harvesting, “acknowledged God’s mercy and kindness in his life, accepted his current situation with faith as well as grace, and did not express any sentiment suggesting that he had been forgotten by Nigerians.”

Senator Ngwu expressed shock, suggesting that the public was being led astray by those spreading false information about Ekweremadu.

He said he would never have bothered to provide a rebuttal if it weren’t for the need to safeguard the public from being misled by fake news.

The statement by Ngwu read, “It has come to the attention of the Senate Minority Whip and Senator for the Enugu West District, Distinguished Senator Osita Ngwu, that a malicious story has been circulated by some individuals, who are known for engaging in malicious activities.

“These individuals’ stock-in-trade involves targeting innocent citizens with false accusations and spreading rumours. Their claim that the distinguished Senator Ekweremadu is lamenting that Nigerians have forgotten him in London is completely false.

“The former Deputy President of the Senate holds a special place in the hearts of the people of the Enugu West District. No amount of cheap blackmail or indecent innuendos can alter the fact that he has served my constituents with excellence, and my people pray for his continued well-being and safety.

“I recently visited Senator Ekweremadu and had a lengthy conversation with him. During our meeting, Senator Ekweremadu expressed gratitude for the prayers and overwhelming support and solidarity he has received from Nigerians from all walks of life since his recent ordeal.

“It is worth noting that the Labour Party presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections, His Excellency Mr Peter Obi, a close friend of Senator Ekweremadu, was reported to have also denounced the diatribe allegedly published on social media by the nefarious group. Mr Obi cautioned them against hiding behind credible platforms to promote ulterior interests.”


The National Examination Council, NECO, has released the 2023 Senior School Certificate Examination, SSCE, external results with a total of 50,066, out of 74,342 candidates, representing 67.35 per cent, scoring five credits and above including English Language and Mathematics.

The Registrar and Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Professor Ibrahim Wushishi disclosed this while releasing the results/launching of the Automated Annual Posting Calendar at the Council’s headquarters in Minna, Niger State.

He said about 74,950 candidates registered for the exams, out of which 74,342 participated.

The NECO registrar added that about 62,530 candidates representing 84.11 per cent scored five credits and above, irrespective of English Language and Mathematics, adding that a total of 29 subjects were examined by the candidates.

The registrar also disclosed that two supervisors, one each in Oyo and Lagos states, were blacklisted for poor supervision, inability to control the candidates and for aiding and abetting examination malpractice.

He also revealed that one centre in Borno State was blacklisted for aiding and abetting malpractice by sharing WhatsApp messages to candidates.

Wushishi added that a total of 8,518 candidates, as against 11,419 in 2022, were booked for various forms of exam malpractice.

President Bola Tinubu has created an economic advisory committee comprising the federal government, sub-nationals and the private sector.

This resulted from talks between the President and key stakeholders at the State House, Abuja, on Sunday evening.

The development came as the falling naira exchange rate, rising inflation and other economic headwinds have continued to worsen the cost of living crisis.

Some of the prominent members of the private sector that made the list include the Chairman of United Bank for Africa, Mr. Tony Elumelu, and the Chairman of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote.

Speaking at the meeting on behalf of the federal government, Tinubu said the goal “is to provide additional efforts” in stabilising the economy and ensuring the “best economic future” for Nigerians.

He said, “Let’s look at what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong to bring life back to the economy. As I have said many times, the people of this country are only the people we have to please.

“And we are very much concerned from students to mothers and fathers, farmers, the traders and realising that everyone of us will have to fetch water from the same well. We’re looking for additional efforts that’s might help the downtrodden Nigerians and we will provide hope and reassurance that economic recovery is on its way.

“We are not saying that we have all the answers. But we will not be blamed for not trying. We assure Nigerians that we will do our best to get our marshall plan in place and fashion out the best economic future for this country.”

At the meeting, Tinubu discussed food security, job creation and the exchange rate.

Dangote, who was part of the private sector delegation on the committee, said Sunday’s gathering stakeholders the opportunity to clarify the specifics of their roles in President Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda.

He explained, “I think we had a very good meeting. What we discussed is generally about the economy, food security and security of the nation. We discussed everything in detail.

“The economic presidential advisory committee which has been set up…will look at all the issues and address them, coming from job creation and food security.

“So, all these things have been discussed in detail. I can’t give you all the details right now, but we are hopeful and we’re a great nation. We have what it takes to turn around the economy and we’re going to do that.”

Meanwhile, Elumelu noted implementing the decisions made that the gathering “will have propel our economy and help alleviate the poverty in the land, help create employment and help put food on the table of Nigerians.”

The Chairman of the BUA Group, Abdul Samad Rabiu, revealed that the committee held frank and exhaustive discussions with the President on the foreign exchange rate.

Citing the recent volatility of the naira against the dollar, Rabiu said, “We discussed on how to bring the foreign exchange rate down because we all know that what is happening as regards the foreign exchange is artificial. It is manipulative and thank God the CBN is doing quite a lot.”

Meanwhile, states have expressed readiness to partner with the federal government’s welfare interventions to alleviate the hardship on Nigerians. They said the advisory committee’s decision would only yield results when execution is prioritised.

Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State said, “As a governor, I can assure you that all hands on deck. All governors have resolved to join hands with Mr president to ensure that he provides the necessary intervention to cushion the effect of what we’re going through while we are waiting for the implementation and the evidence of the fiscal and monetary policies already in place.

“In my state and other states, we are bringing in rice, we’re bringing food items and selling at rates that can be obtained before the downslide of the naira. So we are going to be doing all these to bring succour to the common man until we begin to see the evidence of the fiscal and monetary policies.”

On his part, Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra State said the tripartite committee “will be meeting from time to time to evaluate how things are going and make recommendations to Mr. President and the nation as well.”

The Director-General of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Mr Segun Ajayi-Kadir, affirmed that the private sector “will play a very significant role” in promulgating workable recommendations to the President on economic matters.